Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dragons.. I know I am one.. but guess which??

Tis an Earth Dragon be awakening...when a rose survives through winter...
You are an earth Dragon! You have a knack for
Nature or animals, and are peaceful, careful,
chariming, and optimistic. You can throw a
tantrum now or then, but who doesnt? You value
simple things in life, such as friends,
familly, and Nature.

What elemental dragon are you?
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Guess what?? I took another one of those tests and see what it came up with!!!!

You scored as The Invisible Man. You are Griffin, the transparent menace in H. G. Wells' classic novel. Having rendered yourself invisible through an irreversible scientific process, you descend into madness, stalking the world like a ghost. You are a mischievous, corruptible soul with an obsession for power, a path that can only end in destruction.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


The Invisible Man


Frankenstein's Monster


Count Dracula


Dorian Gray


The Headless Horseman


What's Your 19th Century Horror Character?
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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Recently I have had a bit of a tough time regarding my personal life and I was in desperate need of something to perk me up again and last nights munch certainly proved to me that I am still who I am and very happy with it too!

One of my "things" that I like are nails.. finger nails.. scratching.. makes me just dreamy.. I love to apply my nails on someones skin and make an impression. So just imagine my pleasure when I tried on one of my friends finger talon which he had made as a protoype and bought it along to see just how well it went down. I had fun with that little thing and cannot wait for some proper ones to be made for a test run!

Then I was happily chatting to a few faces, as you do, which I had already become aquianted and also introducing myself to the new people who had braved our little Munch when suddenly I spotted something out the corner of my eye.

I fell in love.. First one of it's kind I had actually seen (although I have been told I could now get some commissioned) A poisable finger with a really sharp talon nail... I just had to go meet it. the guy who was wearing it really didn't have much in the say of my stealing it for the evening and trying it on all the backs I could find, and even a few breasts got the feel of this wonderful thing!! I haven't even actually played at a munch before but I could get used to doing so if I had a claw like that permanently!!

So S if you are reading I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE LOAN OF YOUR CLAW!!!! And I am sure we wil get on just fine lol Only thing I found with that claw was it really wasn't ment for a womans finger, it was quite loose so maybe having it commisioned would be a better idea than buying one already made.

I just kept thinking about one person inparticular that would loved to have felt that claw and the faces of the people I experimented on just exaggerated my thoughts of how this person would have felt.

I just have to find myself someone who I WANT to practice on and be with in more than just a play sense... watch this space.. see if anything turns up to my liking!! lol

(still drooling after last night!!!)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I need...

SEX CHOCOLATE SEX CHOCOLATE SEX CHOCOLATE and a sprinkle of really great company to boot!


* I run out into a huge field in the middle of the wildernes and SCREAM as loud as I can, Undress and run wildley about as though I were neanderthal still screaming at the top of my lungs*

Then I realise all of my neighbours are watching me in my overgrown garden and have called the phsycotherapists lol

Friday, May 13, 2005

What do I want??

Answer I want for nothing. I have wonderful health and a wonderful (if sometimes very stroppy) little boy who I love more than life itself. I would like to think there is someone out there that could share the same passion for life as I do.. but there is a little bit of what I like in each person I meet, doesn't mean they have the whole package I think I may want or hope for in a partner.

Why is it when you start speaking to someone all they ask is WHAT IS IT YOU'RE looking for?? Well hell if I know.. I really don't LOOK for anything, I don't judge and don't tar people with that old brush that keeps lingering around. I just accept people for who they are and if I like them enough and they show me that they are also interested in being with me then you work from there.

At the moment I have someone that could become regular to me again. We will see if he lives upto his words. I think I just need some regularity to a relationship and I think this person knows this.. but as I said we will wait and see.. I have been burned far too many time to allow myself to become vulnerable like I had before.

Although I really need some dinner and cannot figure out what to have, any suggestions??

Monday, May 09, 2005

How hard can it be?

Ok maybe I ranted a little too much in the last posting. I am a down to earth girl, honest, caring and most of all what you see is what you get with me with extras!!

Over the last eight or so months it seems that people that I come into contact with pigeon hole me into places where only they feel they want whatever it is the find fascinating about me, and don't try to learn about who I am... I am more than just a girl who is attractive and has a brain.. I am not just a Domme although this does play an important part in my life.

"I'm a bitch I'm a lover I'm a child I'm a mother, I'm a sinner I'm a saint I DO NOT FEEL ASHAMED" These lyrics really do sum up some of who I am. but I do go far deeper than that. I have an abundance of very good friends, very beautiful friends who sometimes without them I would possibly go more bananas than I am already. I love people and love just living as I have posted about on many occasions.

What is starting to figure in my mind is that the men that want to be with me, really only want what they see.. I aint a bad looking girl so sometimes they only want a half decent "girlfriend" on their arm. Or from the scene the sub boys that I seem to attract are just really not my type, well not as yet. Maybe this will change. But as with any relationship there has to be the GIVE AND TAKE thing going on for me. I am a mother so MY SON IS THE ONLY one I can give my full time love, time and effort to. to say otherwise would be lying. Something I do rarely.

I seem to be a NOVELTY item to most blokes, and when they then realise there is more to me. That is where I think they get confused or scared because I really can give the right men in my life so much love and commitment, while also giving them whatever freedom they need to carry on with their lives. I am not selfish, not by a long shot, and really another lyric that has stuck in my mind recently, "I believe honesty is more important than manogomy" Also says how I feel also.

I have been called perfect girlfriend material lol but that could be such a loose term.. not saying I am loose, but woman by day and WOMAN by night seems to be too much for some to take. But hey ho.. there are still more fish I am wanting to taste from that endless sea of happiness :o)

Over and out for a few days :o)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Playmates and others

I don't feel as though I am now able to have anyone as a playmate for a while, this week has been a rather bad week emotionally and exhaustion from doing my gardening have actually become draining. So for the next few weeks at least All I am going to be concentrating on are things that need to be DONE FOR ME, sod everyone else, I have my garden to finish in time for my BBQ and also in good time then for my son's third Birthday. Sometimes I wonder whether it is just better to be a bitch to people for some they are the ones that keep their relationships going, they are the ones who somehow get a hold in life and carry on, the ones with cold hearts and the theory of "fuck everyone else, I am doing this for me.. and so too are you.. !!"

Maybe it's time to start being a selfish person and not give a damn about other people's feelings at all!

Who know's I might actually start getting a little further on..

Just as expected lol

Just a small update.. As I said I really didn't know quite how long this new venture would last, but bugger me if this morning things ended by TEXT!!!!! lol I really never thought I would ever have a relationship end by a bloody TEXT lol but there's a first I suppose well, not too bad, must have lasted abuot four and a half weeks. I can hope we can remain friends, but when ever does that really happen?? We'll see.. :o)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A new adventure starts...

I talk to people from all over the place, I go into chat rooms and find people just by accident, some are lucky enough to be put onto my MSN list!!

I had been talking to a guy on my msn for quite a few months which was really quite funny. We had the odd conversation due to both of us leading our hectic lives, he did live a little way away from me to be honest to it was never a thing that we would meet up, just be mates on the old internet.

Anyway.. throughout this time I had also been attending my local Munch group and thoroughly enjoying it, however it keeps getting moved about as the venues close down etc. But last month we secured a venue in Cambridge which sounded as though it would actually be a permanent venue.. at last...

This venue, as with all the others is a gay pub. They seem to be the only ones that aren't predujiced towards the sexual groups that are about.

Anyway, keep with it, things will tye in..

I had flu really bad last month, lasted well over three weeks, maybe a lot longer but due to stubborn me I got over it as soon as I could. I wasn't going to attend last months Munch due to this as I just felt like shit.. I was still coughing very badly and had a runny nose, but thankfully for me the guy who came round for a cuppa beforehand convinced me to go.. even if only for a short while.. so I aggreed.

I went and basically propped up a wall near on all the evening so as not to pass my lurgy on.. While propping.. I had one of the bar staff come up to me and start talking to me.. I was thinking.. now what a bloody waste. this guy is tall.. attractive and really very funny. why do they always turn out to be gay?? lol

We talked for a good half hour or so then we started talking about a friend, turns out that she is a mutual friend of ours.. Thats cool, something in common.. then I really don't know how it came about but he said about his name being unusual, and me saying mine isn't so common either.. He said his. I went white.. I said I been talking to someone of that name online for ages.. he asked me what my name was, or what i go by on MSN.. then it was when we realised that we had been talking to each other and we both went as white as ghosts, it freaked us both out properly.

Thing is, this venue had only been chosen a week or so before the Munch took place, He had also only just moved into Cambridge a week previously also, he wasn't aware of my lifestyle, it never really seemed to be an issue.. but I was also unaware that he was Bi-sexual.. therefore a helping hand when he actually went for a job IN THAT SAME GAY BAR!!!

A properly freaky encounter.

Our mutual friend told him I needed a hand with my garden, (something I have been doing for the last few months religiously as I have invited my munch group for a BBQ end of may)So he offered to come help.. He worked as hard as I did.. and I was really impressed!!We flirted like mad and it was very comfortable.. very comfortable..

Since then.. (now been four weeks) We have decided mutually to become an item.. one on one.. So I have had to let my playmate know about this situation.. I felt as though I let him down big time.. but, still we are entitled to our own lives.

So looks like I have found a match for a while :) AND BIG AND, he is also my sub boy!!!! We have already played with my paddle, flogger and crop..

"We" have been invited to a play party this coming Friday, I have never been to a private play party before so am really looking forward to it, he is crappig himself lol But hey, I am sure he will be crapping himself even more when we get there!!!

Well as the title suggests.. a new adventure.. how ever long we will ride it out.. will be fast and furious!!

Well my smile has returned big time and I look forward to sharing our acdventure on here!!

Bye for now!