Thursday, September 28, 2006

The chronicles of P Volume I

P and I had known each other for quite some time. He was way over the other side of the pond from me, New Jersey to be exact. We hit it off straight away.

So much in common, so many similar thoughts as to how we wanted our lives to be and be fulfilled. SO much contentment to be had and life to live that we spoke for hours and hours on end as to how we could be the other's significant.

So the day came when I got the tickets and flew over to see him. His tall stature and his eyes were becoming to me. The twinkle said it all, he finally got a hold of the person he could now call his Mistress forever, there was no looking back now.

I saw a beautiful man, dark hair nice build but also a nervous soul now just awaiting his fate. He'd been waiting for this moment.

In full view of all passengers that had gotten their luggage and when I met with him with mine I pulled his trousers down and roped his cock and balls up right there and then. "Now you little slut, this will do until we get something stronger. You're mine and there's no getting away with anything."

P shat himself but humbly fell to his knees as though someone had just gone up behind him and collapsed his legs, "Yes Mistress, Thank You"

"Get up, " I sternly said to him, "Pull your pants back up and make yourself decent, I want no slave of mine undignified in public, cover yourself up" With that his beetroot coloured cheeks said it all to those around, he was under my spell.

His eyes could not divert from my form, finally getting me over after all these months, years even, of talking I'd finally made it over. My hair was silky and smelled so pheramonal to him. I wore a small skirt and loose fitting blouse, as though I'd come from a conference, my legs were covered in silky suspendars and stockings and my feet adorned some wonderful high patent black heeled sandals.

All P did was drool, his excitement was clearly there for all to see but he seemed oblivious to everything, P was in a daze, wonderful :)

He had absolutely no idea how I intended to deal with him from the offset but I could see by his meakness this was all of his dreams (possibly his nightmares) coming true all in one instant.

This was just the beginning.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The last meeting of souls

The last meeting I described was wonderful. The last of the encounters A and I ever had and will more than likely ever have much to my dismay. It must be well over three months now maybe even longer. I try not to drown in the sorrows of the memories, But I do remember it like yesterday.

That is what I hope for with someone. The tranquility knowing someone will just allow you to do to them exactly what YOU want to do. Not from script. Not from overplanning. Not from repeat mails to and from each other. But spontaneous combustion of two bodies allowing exploration to happen.

I know there are people out there wishing the same but then also.. people want to know exact and in detail what is to happen. When it is to happen, As though we are preparing for some film and the actions and movements have to be just so. That tires me. Really makes me feel as though I am repeating myself fully each and every time. I don't want to be routinely doing things. I like spark. I like difference. I also like to know I could do this with maybe one or two special people. Both or all used for one thing to me.

One person in particular is special to me right now. I'd love to take him and abuse him on every which way I can. It is just a matter of time before I get my hands on him and he knows it.

Over and out for now :D

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Perfect meeting

Our night had been planned for a while before it happened and both of us were absolutely needing this moment to fulfil our true desires to one another.

A had booked a hotel room. This was to be our final night together and I knew it. It wasn't spoken about but we both knew deep down that this was to be one of the most prolific moments that either of us had the pleasure of having. And with us being together it would be just perfect. Intense and perfect.

I Arranged to be at the room and then ring A when I was ready. I had collected together a bag of goodies, including floggers/canes/stockings/duct tape/rope/chain and almost anything else I thought would be suitable for me to use if I so wished. A delectable outfit which turned me into his very strict Mistress stockings,highest heel patent black shoes, glasses, tight black skirt and white shirt. Hair in a bun and hey presto...

Phone call comes. "I'm running a little late I have to feed the cats... " Not something that was particularly a turn on able so I decided to take a shower in preparation. I used my perfume which is my scent and anyone who has had the pleasure of getting to know me.. knows it.

I got dressed up hair in bun, glasses on stockings slowly slid over my legs up past my knee and thigh and then attached to my suspendar belt. They felt so sexy. He knew nothing about the fate which awaited him. He had no clue as to what wonderful delights he had in store once he knocked on the door. I knew that the look I was donning was something of a fetish in itself for him. SO that turned me on all the more just getting ready for him. I put a corset on just over my suspendars and then put my little black skirt and tight white shirt over the top making sure my ample bussoms were clearly seen accidently popping through the unbuttoned shirt. Then slipped into the sexy high heeled patent shoes. Perfect, I admired myself thoroughly and knew his eyes would pop out of his head the moment he saw me.

Then I sat on the chair facing the door with my cane in my hand and legs crossed like a strict school ma'am would.

I heard a knock on the door and I'd already put it on the latch.

"come in. You've been a bad boy" With that he closed the door and I took down his trousers.

"Bend over and receieve your punishement, you deserve every stroke you're going to get" I said very sternly noticing his huge erection and how glazed his eyes were. He was in heavan. Thats when I know I have hit the right buttons. Got ya, I thought and started warming his arse cheeks up with my hand. Caressing each buttock before slapping it hard. His skin melted into my hands for what seemd like ages. Just rubbing and spanking him. I then stood up when I saw his rosey cheeks and started to apply the cane to his arse. He took it very well for a novice canee. Telling him throughout that he wss doing well and how proud I was of him for taking what I gave him. Although I did have to shove the knickers I had worn all day into his mouth for a gag hehe. We both hit all the right notes with the other and after his small delight I made him get dressed and then we went down for a drink.

He wasn't sure if that was the end of the evening's entertainment or if he may be in for some more. But by the look on his smiling face I knew it wouldn't have been a problem to him either way!

We hadn't really had that much time in person recently before this evening to have a proper heart to heart about things, about my life, about his. But we had a very plesant drink and a couple of hours chat and in regards to A's homelife I knew exactly what I was going to do when we got back to the room.

It does become so very liberating when you find someone you really click with finally come to one of the biggest emotional scenes that you possibly could ever have with someone while deep in your heart you know this was the finale of our blossoming.

I lead him back to the room, still in high heels and tight black evening dress by that point. and told him to go shower and dress how I asked him to. He'd been told to wear the panties I bought for him and also the collar I got him. There haven't actually been any other times I have given and placed a collar on anyone who made me feel so complete. So this was a very special occasion.

He was getting the feeling I had had something else planned as I had told him to bring along his ipod with what he would see as very relaxing tracks, Something that would be able to be put on random and last a few hours at least. I needed everything of his, his mind, heart and soul for this moment and denying him his senses seemed the most appropriate thing to do., Then it would be me who was in charge of how he thought, what he felt . He had no idea.

A came out of the shower smelling wonderful, there's certainly something beautiful about a man and his pheramones when he is aching to fulfil his duties in a way to please his lady, whatever way that is at the time.

"On your knees", I held him by his hand and made sure he had eye contact with me when he went down. "Tonight is about us. It's about you and I and this is going to be one of the most perfect nights of our lives".

I kissed him and then put a blindfold on him. I got him to turn his ipod on so that when I needed to use it it would be ready. I stood him back up. He was shaking, a bundle of nervous exitement. Wonderful. Perfect. I had A just where I needed him mentally. Shitting himself :o)

I got the clingfilm ready and started wrapping him slowly in it from head to toe. His erection was soon patted down (but enough so I could rub it, accidently of course, while I was wrapping him) he was only able to hear by this point. I'd managed to completely 'mummify' him and bind him well with the clingfilm. He was able to speak and he was cooing. It was taking my breath away at just how powerful this felt. I told him that the clingfilm was the control and the feelings I had for him enveloping him and being all around him. He understood and just nodded "yes Mistress, I have always dreamt about this, you're making all of my dreams come true."

He had yet to realise I was going to bind him even further with duct tape over the top of his clingfilm suit. I started taping around his torso slowly so he felt every tightness of his restriction becoming ever more increased. I told him that this was in effect my security around him. Giving him the protection from the outer world and just being secluded within my emotions and my feelings. He was mine for that night and he knew it. I nearly shed a tear doing this. It was very emotional. Saying that from me means a lot even when I think about it.

I talked to him right through binding his body I made sure there were small gaps of tape where his ears were and where his mouth was so I could, in effect, still keep control of what he said/heard and even how he breathed. He looked beautiful. He couldn't manouver very well so I laid him down on the bed behind him and managed to lift his legs into position with a stool to balance his legs on.

"A I'm going to put your music on you now and you will not utter a word unless instructed to do so."

I put his earphones over his exposed earholes and "left" him there. He was excited and as nervous as fuck really. I watched his still body as he relaxed into not being able to do anything. The evening was quite warm but not as warm as he was under all that bondage. He looked beautiful. Just lyeing there still.

"Mistress... MISTRESS.. please kiss me to let me know you're still there" (This was after only 30 mins) HE mildly asked.. I could see him in a not so comfortable way so I just pinched where his nose was to let him know I was still watching over him and giggled with him for that second and left him again. I had to make sure he knew he was safe and I did wonder if I should have allowed him that little touch of affection through it. But I knew the scene wouldn't have been so perfect if he's crapped in his suit lol.

I left him there for a further hour and a half, before I decided to cut where his cock was bulging and release it from it's tightness and use it for my own selfish needs. He was still under sense restriction ie still had the ipod on and was still in tight bondage except for his cock. That was mine for the taking, And took it I most certainly did. I rode him for ages until I'd come so much that I'd soaked the bed over him and what ran down under him.

I had never heard A groan so much as to when I said I wanted him to come. He was ready and he exploded into me pulsating his seed and his throbbing dick was just magical. It made my orgasms all the more intense. Yummy.

After I'd finished I started cutting up through his inner thighs to release him from his skintight coffin. I'd never known anybody to ever sweat quite so much as he had. What an experience. The hoteliers would be having a laugh as to how we'd made the bed to saturated lol Oh well I'm sure they've encountered worse. I cut through his abdominal suit pieces and allowed him some air to breathe and for him to become accustomed to the very dim light that there was in the room.

A laid in his own sweat for a few mins before being able to gain the strength to sit up, when he went to go and walk he had to take another few minutes to recoup from that also lol He went very dizzy. I got him some water he must have lost a couple of pints of sweat so being dehydrated was almost certainly the problem there lol.

I made him go shower and just really try and take a few moments to get back into the land of the living. All the time A had the biggest most satisfying grin on his face one could ever imagine another human ever having.

When A came back from the shower we laid on the bed together (after I'd tydied the bondage wrappings up) and we held each other for a long time it seemed. I really had my heart melt by this time. He really made me proud. I so wanted to tell him how I felt but knew I couldn't. I didn't want to ruin this perfect evening.

A started to kiss me and laid on top of me and we started to make love. I couldn't hold it in any longer. "A..... " I shouldn't but he said "Just say it. I need to hear it"

I responded "I cannot. It's the last thing yuou want or need to hear right now, I don't want to spoil everything"

"Tell me... " He asked adimant that he'd get me to say what was on my mind.

We were both very near climaxing

"I love you" I said weakly as I came and exploded

"I love you too" Came A's reply.

now the weekend is out the way..

Time I need to start on concentrating doing things for myself. The other day I could have just told everyone on my listing to just fuck off.. lol I sometimes wonder why I am not a bitch as people really need but a person with human feelings and emotions.

But as for my life right now. I am happy being single. No doubt about it, I think if someone catches me off guard it would be wonderful, But being too cynical really doesn't help me in any way whatsoever, always nit-picking and knowing too much with patterns of how they are to me as to how the situation ends. It has been almost three months if not a little longer since I got laid, To be honest I think it might actually be getting to me. I know I have been a little irritable. Friends have been a bit worried about me also they say I seem quiet.. (having a face like thunder possibly puts them in the right direction)and they invited me out last night..... possibly a good thing.. but it was a shit night out got bored walked home again. Where has the pizazz gone? Anyhow, Thought I might write a little something tonight, feel in the mood.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fucking pissed off

What gives a fuckhead the right to treat me like a cunt? And just how many explietiffs am I able to put in here about the fucking twats who waste my fucking time I don't fucking have in the first place? I am so glad I am happy being single or I'd be wankered. Fucking tosspot wanking retardshagging sheep indulging bastards. Breath. What total fuckwits? Just annoys me.. just had the wool pulled over my eyes by someone. Not even in a normal relationship way.. just as a premise to being a slave to me. Now I thought I'd sorted men out and knew just how low men could swoop to avoid my cynical radar.. but alas I found another.. he did very well I must admit, Did very well at convincing me he wasn't another fucking timewaster and social idiot. Wanking cumdrinking twat.

No am not angry about the situation, pissed off with the time I have given him, it could have been put to a lot better use.. such as cleaning the toilet.

Fuck 'em.. fuck em all.