Sunday, December 30, 2007

Coor blimey, guv'ner

Crikey it's been about a month since I posted on here... must be having one hell of a time offline, real life world :-)

Well yes and no.

Have come and seen through a trip to Jimmy Carr, had my 30th Birthday which went fantastically well, been to Centre Parks with some very good friends of ours, finished school term, B has been a little bit of a shit since breaking up, but thats a different story.. lol.. .also last night had CK5.... FUCKING AWESOME. Turnout was amazing. New venue, lots of new faces. And I think things on that particular front are coming along perfectly.

From just a year ago when I'd started running the CK events to last night. I think of all the effort put in by myself and the other people I've naggged and moaned at and am truely grateful. Oh my how wonderful it was to be able ro delegate and also ensure people were really having a good time :-)

But the list of things I have done since last post is also quite a lot. Life this year has been wonderful.. but I will save it for an end of year round up. Bit like the queen's speech but with proper meaning hehehe

Next year isn't going to be so busy. Nor expensive but I know what works, what doesn't and I think.. just think.. it'll b well worth it :-D

B has been a little bugger, as prev mentioned. ALthough I should possibly expect it from a child who doesn't like change,. but the 1am sleep times are doing me in. lol I shouldn't grumble. It ispossibly my own fault in fairness but same time I'm aging faster than a whore on speed right now.

I'm proud of the little shit really. But the holiday we went on with friends sent him back in his maturity about six months to a year. And I'm finding it hard to bring him back to date. He has all the mannerisms of a child with slight autistic tendancies but knowing how my friends' child gained attention through certain things he soon picked up on it and mimicked it... So the Christmas break is well and truely tiring me out :D But today... I don't mind, he is sat doing a spirograph thingy (remember those??) lol And I suppose I'm not as stressed as I have been to the build up of last night. SO he feeds from my ways.


I think I'm gonna have to figure out my end of year speech, Be back tomorrow. xx