Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well today is the last

Of 2008.

What to look forward to in 2009 I don't know. A few months ago I was sure as to what I wanted out of it, but today I am not so sure.

I will be seeing in the celebrations with the one guy in my life which means the world to me. Just hope he stays awake for me this year so we can bring in 2009 together. B is my world. He will be back to school on the 6th and so the last leg of infant school begins. He is growing so very fast right now and soon he will be off to junior school... then to secondary.... then... well who knows. I just hope he has the best life a little boy can have. He has parents who love him more than life itself and an extended family who feel the same. He is, quite honestly the reason I am enjoying life right now and the reason I am carrying on.

We're nearing the end of another decade now and with the recession hitting hard, job losses at an all time high, house prices just... well houses just not being able to be sold the future right now looks bleak. I am just hopeful that by the time B is old enough things will have settled down again. He deserves that much, to be secure in his life. He has bought me so much happiness I only hope he can pass that onto his children.

Life in general doesn't seen to have moved on really all that much. I officially became out of work in March last year after taking a five year maternity and career break to raise B. Nothing seems to be available to me right now. I have applied for only three jobs, each of which have returned a one or two sentance letter saying sorry but no thanks. All of which helped my ego no end ... I am alright really it just means i have to really sell myself to companies, something I am not actually all that brilliant at doing.

Dad hasn't been admitted into Hospital since Nov last year.... all good... he is managing well with his oxygen and nebs at home. Thankfully. He still gives me a scare when he does't answer his phones for a few days... although it is like being a teenager I guess with him.. :)

This year has been a wonderful year for meeting so many new people. Some of whom I have had good bonds with and have supported me through what has been a very tough time. Each year recently has had it's testing times. But at least with age comes the wisdom as to how to go about dealing with these issues and hopefully realising the better way of resolving particular problems.

New Year, New beginnings with luck. Starting with spending the evening with the one person who will and always mean everything to me.

So I am raising a glass to everyone I know, have known and have yet to meet in 2009 I wish you all a VERY JOYOUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.