Monday, July 26, 2010

A new start

It had been a while for her to feel like this, the trepidation masked by the clothes she wore and the mask her facial expression provided. She needed tonight to count and to feel like she could once again fulfil her desires at the direct offerings of the boy she had planned to hurt and hurt badly.

During the same afternoon she had dusted off her favourite cane and caressed it like a long lost love. She found out of her storage more of the things she used to play with with such ferocity they had the echoes of screams and whimpers within the wooden handles as she touched them. Memories long since gone but about to be created again, this time to bring her back from the darkest depths of normality into the more comfortable reality she once knew.

She had phoned him earlier that day and told him to be naked and kneeled ready for when she got there. A place determined only by luck as she was passing through.

She readied herself in her power suit, with case which looked professional, ready for that meeting. With a final check, a small tug on her skirt and checking there were no snags in her stockings she climbed out of the car and towards the reception of the hotel she was meeting him at. She looked classy, her hair bobbed, glasses and 'professional' looking. Head held high she asked where the bar was and headed towards it.

She decided to let him know via text that she was there, she decided to have a small drink to calm her insides before going up.

She didn't rush her drink. She sipped and watched the people around her, going about their business like ants in a school experiment. She pondered long and hard, would this really be what she wants? Too many questions, too many answers needed and longed for but she decided she'd taken long enough as it was over this. This was it. This was the time to put it all right again.

She got up and went to the elevator and with a heave of her busting cleavage she pushed the button to the floor where she knew he would be waiting. With a sigh the doors closed and she was on her way up. It didn't take long and before she knew it she'd reached the floor and was stood outside of the room. With a small shove she entered and shut the door with a certainty that he knew she meant business.

She said nothing.

He was alone in the middle of the floor. His clothes folded neatly as instructed and kneeling waiting for instruction himself he sighed. An almost deadly calm was thrown across the room. Both knew that this evening was going to be one neither one would forget.

She said nothing as she went over to him and placed her feet a his knees, giving them a little jolt. He knew exactly what to do as he bent down and held one in his hands before delicately putting his lips to the point of her shoe. He didn't look up as he caressed her feet, one by one, first by kissing her shoes and then removing them to give her feet a small massage whilst kissing them also. The stockings became slightly dampened by his tears as she shoved her foot a little harder into his mouth than he'd expected her to, choking him slightly but he never gave up. No complaints. Just compliance.

He worked his way up her calves as when she instructed him to do so with her finger under his chin. She still said nothing. He knew what to do. His hands were very soft, and surprisingly attentive. For someone so clumsy she'd never have expected him to be like this and he certainly never showed signs of this capability before now. His hands massaging all the time, his kisses so gentle but with a greed of someone wanting much much more than he has ever had.
His hands finally came between her thighs and he could smell her dampness. He couldn't ignore this and groaned heavily. His body convulsed slightly as if possessed by something. His excitement visible.

She opened her legs to allow him access to her cunt and he greedily lapped away. His hands on her hips she ground onto his face with soft thrusts until she could bare no more and with one big thrust she came onto his face, showering him, her skirt, thighs, stockings and the floor with that familiar smell of cum. When she calmed herself down a little whilst holding onto his head under her skirt she motioned him with her finger to look at her in her eyes. They are always the most powerful thing about someone. Before this time he'd not looked at her. She bent down a little to meet his gaze but stayed standing. Out of her pocket came the collar which was then fixed round his neck. Just enough for him to breathe comfortably.

His eyes glazed over as he knew now she was there to get it out of the way. Still not saying a word she spun him round and bent him over the bed. She went to her bag and got out of it the cane she had found earlier and some rope. She walked back over to him and placed his hands behind his back so he was holding his opposite elbows with his hands. She tied his wrists tight enough to be able to see he'd not be able to move and if he did it'll be very sore to do so. And stood back.

He knew what was coming but lay still for her. He had closed his eyes when the rope went on but it seemed like his body was aching now to be hurt. Finally they were going to be as one.

She raised the cane and gently but firmly stroked it across his bare arse. A welt appeared almost immediately. She didn't want to waste any more time so started hitting harder slowly at first but rhythmical. As though a ticking watch were counting down with seconds. She knew what she was doing and she felt so alive when each stroke fell against the reddening skin. The welts were small and visible now showing a clearly warmed-up behind.

His body still and awaiting even more. She knew she couldn't keep it soft for long so let the cane come down so fast and hard he stifled himself not to yelp out. A small shiver went through his body as he fought against his body reactions, he tried to try and relax as best he could as he knew that was the first of many she would deliver.

Soon the cane was coming down fast and hard yet he kept himself still, offering her his everything. Still the cane came down. He was aware there were bleeding welts but he ignored it. He knew that this was for the best and he knew that it would be over. Eventually.

He could hear her grunting now. Bringing the cane down as hard as she could. Almost banshee-like in some of the wail-like noises he heard coming from her.

With every lash she felt herself becoming lost in the moment. Only in this place and time she felt complete. She didn't want it to end. She'd missed this with unbearable quantity. She couldn't control herself for a small while and she was so elated that he still kept still for her. She slowed down and stopped. Looked at his arse which was bleeding and red raw. She'd never caned anyone quite like it before. Her sweaty hand from the cane dropped it and the hand she had been balancing herself with was drawn across his arse. She felt him jump a little as it was cooler than he'd expected. With such gentle, softly drawn movements she traced every single line and mark she had created.

She was pleased with her work.

She untied his wrists and sat on the bed with him for a while. Just stroking his head. Her hair still looking tidy but her suit thrown about with the force she had been giving her instrument. His body shivering under her soft touch. Her breath and his returning to a slight normality.

His and her faces and bodies glistening with beads of broken sweat and exhaustion.

With a few final touches she gets up from the bed and goes to look into the mirror to get herself looking respectable again. She isn't' worried that her eye make-up is now slightly worn looking, neither does she care.

He just lays on the bed.

She stands up straight adjusts her jacket, puts her bits away in the bag she came with and walks out of the room without saying a word.

The door closes.

It has only just begun.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Remind me

I need to update my stories, there have been a few goodies in the past few months I really need to upload here :-D

That's all for now :-D

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Expecting something?

"Get your arse over here. You have a two hour timeslot to be with me, if not you can kiss goodbye to any D's with me". I didn't exactly shout it but from the gulp I heard the other end of the phone you knew something was up. You didn't even have time to respond before I hung up on you.

"Right you little fucker. Let the party begin!" I said to myself. I find it amusing to play with the mind as you well know so summoning you round, without giving you reason has you curious, frightened but inquisative all the same. Your want to please me totally has always been prominant in our relationship so far so I was sure that with my tone on the phone just then you'd be shitting yourself, wondering what it was you had done to get me angry enough to growl those words down the phone to you.

Little did you know what I had planned for you. This was going to be a night we would both remember for a very long time!

Just as you thought you had me worked out the boundaries seemed to be expanding. You knew I knew of your desires, none moreso than to please me. Your submission had shown itself before but I knew this would bring it out far more than your wildest dreams.

You don't particularly deal with the iconology of dressage but tonight will be different. I have chosen to wear one of my more seductive dresses ready for when you show up, one that will allow easy use of my strap on with you. A dress which is also wipe clean.

I hate to admit it but I have butterflies in my tummy knowing what you're coming into and you just a dribbling wreck at my feet when you arrive. This is such a turn on knowing I have you under a spell of sorts, your body mine to do with as I wish and as I need, selfishly so, rightly so.

Putting the finishing touches to my ensamble I realise I've not made another phone call, one which would be an important part of this evenings' adventure with you.

I dial the number and simple say." Delivery for nine O'clock please."

That's all that is needed on that front so now I can relax, knowing you will be walking through my door, into the unknown within a half hour.

A surprise knock makes me jump, red wine in hand that I'd managed to pour when getting ready and spills slightly down my dress, thank fuck I'd thought about wearing that instead of my normal clothes or I'd be fuming!

"Can I come in?" Comes a shakey voice from the doorway.

You've managed to not only come early but you chose to come without even getting tidied up from your day.

"Get yourself undressed and take a shower, christ you think coming to me in THAT state is going to lighten your load this evening? I think not.. Go, shower, now!" Before I could finish you had already got your clothes around you on the floor and are headed up the stairs.

The time is nearing half eight, I hadn't realised the time had gone so quickly.

"Come on, what are you doing up there? Only girls take that long fannying about!" With this I walked up behind you. You were just drying yourself down but you couldn't look me in the eyes.

We hadn't spoken apart from me barking the orders since you got here and for some reason you couldn't find your voice.

"Look at me" I insisted. Your head still bowed and it seemed like an automated response to sink to your knees.

"Look at me" I said more softly raising your chin with my fingertips. "Tonight is going to be special for the both of us. If you had have been later you'd have missed out on all the fun!". I smiled as you then looked me in the eyes with a certain disbelief. Like my Jeckill (sp) and Hyde had been absorbed into the nice me again.

"B..b but I was so worried I'd done something wrong" came a reply at long last. "I thought you wanted to call me here for.. Well I don't know what for.. The phonecall scared me"

With that I bent down and kissed you ever so gently on your lips and I'm sure I spyed a little wetness in your eyes.

I resumed my position above you and smiled. "You like home delivery, don't you? " I must have had a glint in my eye because you seemed unsure quite how to answer.

"Um.. Yeah?!?"

"Well I want to play before we get ours, we only have a little time so get your arse into my bedroom and assume the position!"

I don't think I'd been this blunt with you before but everything seemed to be going exactly as I'd imagined it to.

I walked in after you and saw you 'praying' by the side of my bed " you know your God won't help you here, bitch!" I said and tried my hardest not to laugh, failing miserably.

You looked round at that moment and caught sight of what I was wearing under my dress.

Looking at my watch I notice it is ten to nine "oh fuck" I say internally and hope you didn't feel any of my body language give it away.

I grabbed a small piece of rope which was ready and waiting and tied your hands behind your back. Your semi very obvious. You knew what was coming but instead i got you to turn round and suck it instead. You do give very good head so I'm gonna make you take it properly this time, and with that thought rammed it into your mouth, knowing it'd hit the back of your throat.

"Hummm.. How beautiful" I said.

Managing to control as much of your gag reflex as you could you just looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and I could see your tears. I stroked your face as you carried on, unaware that our delivery had come and was being prepared downstairs.

"Baby" I whispered, "close your eyes." No sooner had I said it but you did and you mouth continued bobbing with my cock.

I came. Was a wonderful feeling running through me but did my best to stay stood up. I managed it, thankfully.

As I withdrew I told you to keep your eyes closed and that I needed a minute to compose myself as that had to have been one of the best blowjobs you'd given me! Your body, just kneeling in front of me made my tummy twitch. This to me is romance. Here is a boy willing to do ANYTHING for me and doing so damned well at it too!

My concentration broke when I realised that I had something to remember.

"Just going to put some music on, think tonight may get a little noisy!" I giggled. "Keep those eyes shut!"

As soon as my music was playing I started stroking your face coming round to one side of you I stroked your cheek with my hand as you feel something very familiar touch your lips and you go to take it in your mouth.

It takes a couple of second before you realise that it isn't my cock now in your mouth but someone elses. Your eyes open for a flicker and I catch you doing so.

"Suck it, you little whore" I say to you calmly. "Show this nice man how well you give those blowjobs. Be a good boy for me."

Unable to move your arms and almost in an impossible situation you accept defeat and carry on sucking. His rythmn is slow to start with and gets a little faster.

"Slow down a little and let him enjoy this." I said to our delivery guy. " He needs to know just how to do it properly, but you also know that you mustn't come yet!" I continue to stroke your face for a little while and usher him to sit on the bed so I can bend you over. I lube my cock up ready and thrust into your aching arse and realise our guy needs to explode. "Nonono not yet, mister". I motion for him to take his cock out of your mouth and I carry on fucking you for a little while.

He comes round to my side and playfully touches

My neck. Knowing that you could hear my slight groan you look round just as he starts to kiss me.

Fucking you is awesome but being pleasure while i'm doing it is another thing entirely, and isn't quite what I'd set out.. But going with this flow is obviously good!! You can tell I'm near climax again as my thrusting gets a little more harsh. Our delivery guy had already unzipped my dress and is cupping my tits occasionally going down to suck on them too. This is too much for my body to handle without going into orgasm. You feel me thrust deep inside you and he catches me to hold me while I come through an almighty explosion, I rest on your back a little while and withdraw my cock from you.

"Don't move" I say through pants. "Don't move!'

I go to the bathroom and compose myself, knowing he is getting himself ready.

I come back in and sit in front of you. "Come on baby, now give me head!!" You eagerly oblige and start working your tongue over me and inside me. Your tongue feels so good against me that I loose track of what is meant to be happening, but only for a moment.

I motion him to lube himself up and you feel him come closer to you, from behind. Youlook up at me with a multitude of emotions but you don't utter a word. He slips right inside you and you bite on my cunt, making me jump and giggle at the same time. You both groan but I make sure you get your mouth back to what it should be doing.

I can feel every shake your body is having and can feel your eagerness by how your nibbling away at me. I look up and see his face and give him the prearranged nod to fuck you harder and to come as soon as he now can.

"Come on then my boys, make me proud!" Within a few seconds I am coming again, and can see that he is too. Using you completely.

Your body spent. His exhausted. Mine fulfilled. He goes downstairs and I lift your face to look at me.

"Baby, you're wonderful." Realising I can get away with it I also tell you how I feel. A magical moment. As you hold me closer than you've done before.

You look into my eyes. "Thank you"

Our hug becomes then more passionate than I though you had energy left and before I know it you've unzipped the rest of my dress and are making love to me. Slowly, deeply and holding me so close throughout.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


As you walk through my doorway I reach for the bindings to enfold you. You stay still while your blindfold is placed on you and your arms forcefully tied behind your back.

I stand in front of you and slap your face. You gasp. "You didn't expect that did you?" I giggle. You're at my mercy. Pah mercy?? fuck all those niceities. You're mine.. don't go thinking you can cry out for your words will not be heard.

I collect the blade in my hand and with a swift motion your t'shirt is cut from your torso.. a seating nervous torso. I release the belt that holds your trousers and they soon come down too exposing your rather large buldge. "You're rather excited at not knowing what is about to happen, aren't you?" He hears me come closer to him and motion his legs apart with my knee... and with one forceful bolt it lands in his groin.. with him unsure whether he should stand and bear it or if he should go with what his body is screaming to tell him and to fall to the floor. He stands firm. Red faced-breathing fast.

Another knee to the groin ensures he is on the floor without a moment to realise what has happened. "Stop making those noises, bitch!" I say as he lays there, quivering, I roll him onto his tummy and hoist his feet upto his thighs and quickly bind them. Grinning at how pathetic he looks. I wrap some more rope from his thigh bindings to his tied arms.

His body is shaking, from nerves? From pain? What the hell.. It looks fantastic. He is trying to wriggle free... a quick foot movement from me onto his neck soon stops him from moving too much. "Stupid shit, stop fucking wriggling!" He knows I could crush his throat at any moment. He does as he is told immediately.

A still, sweaty body is beneath me. A pool of spittle falls from my lips into his face.. I can see his lips open and his tongue try and catch the fall. "Who told you you could taste that?" His mouth closes again and he gulps. I get down to my knees and slap his face again. "Don't you EVER do anything without my say so.. who DO you think you are?? No don't answer I don't want to hear your voice. This is MY time, not yours."

I lift his body so he is now on his side. I get my blade again and run it's cold length firstly from his chest over his nipples, he quivers, and then back up towards his throat. "SO you Dare order my time then do you?" I spit in his face. "My time is precious. Now I am going to use my time wisely with you... "

I always tell them to be careful of what they wish for...

I leave him laying there. I walk out to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine. It has been opened for a few hours. I had been waiting for the little shit for a few days, bloody cancelling on me and then ordering that I should give him the time to 'make it up to me'. How many times have I heard him give me that bullshit before. But today... he pays..

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

New year. New start for a lot of people I know are having such shit times of it already and the year hasn't even started properly yet. People with relationships mainly. So whats in the water? God only knows but I hope to get new filters by end of this month.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well today is the last

Of 2008.

What to look forward to in 2009 I don't know. A few months ago I was sure as to what I wanted out of it, but today I am not so sure.

I will be seeing in the celebrations with the one guy in my life which means the world to me. Just hope he stays awake for me this year so we can bring in 2009 together. B is my world. He will be back to school on the 6th and so the last leg of infant school begins. He is growing so very fast right now and soon he will be off to junior school... then to secondary.... then... well who knows. I just hope he has the best life a little boy can have. He has parents who love him more than life itself and an extended family who feel the same. He is, quite honestly the reason I am enjoying life right now and the reason I am carrying on.

We're nearing the end of another decade now and with the recession hitting hard, job losses at an all time high, house prices just... well houses just not being able to be sold the future right now looks bleak. I am just hopeful that by the time B is old enough things will have settled down again. He deserves that much, to be secure in his life. He has bought me so much happiness I only hope he can pass that onto his children.

Life in general doesn't seen to have moved on really all that much. I officially became out of work in March last year after taking a five year maternity and career break to raise B. Nothing seems to be available to me right now. I have applied for only three jobs, each of which have returned a one or two sentance letter saying sorry but no thanks. All of which helped my ego no end ... I am alright really it just means i have to really sell myself to companies, something I am not actually all that brilliant at doing.

Dad hasn't been admitted into Hospital since Nov last year.... all good... he is managing well with his oxygen and nebs at home. Thankfully. He still gives me a scare when he does't answer his phones for a few days... although it is like being a teenager I guess with him.. :)

This year has been a wonderful year for meeting so many new people. Some of whom I have had good bonds with and have supported me through what has been a very tough time. Each year recently has had it's testing times. But at least with age comes the wisdom as to how to go about dealing with these issues and hopefully realising the better way of resolving particular problems.

New Year, New beginnings with luck. Starting with spending the evening with the one person who will and always mean everything to me.

So I am raising a glass to everyone I know, have known and have yet to meet in 2009 I wish you all a VERY JOYOUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

As I buttoned up my slightly see through white shirt I hear J's car pull into the drive.

Fuck, he is 20 minutes early.. he shouldn't have been here yet. I still have a few things to prepare.

He hadn't realised but we had been seeing each other for a year now, tonight was our anniversary. I had something very special planned for us to celebrate.

A long day at work, I thought should be rewarded with something a little out of the ordinary.

He hadn't known that whilst he was at work, slogging hard for the bills and my expensive taste in clothes I was hard at work entertaining people in my own way. Today had been no different. I had F round, someone who I hadn't seen for some time but he had just come off of holiday and his body was nicely tanned. He had been using the time away to soak up the sun, swim and tone his gorgeous body up.

We had both been ringing and texting each other through the fortnight vacation of his, readying him for our day today. I couldn't wait to see him. He gave me such pleasure and I can never get enough of him when he is here.

F had turned up at mine today just after eight, an hour after my lover had gone to work. He turned up with the chocolates and the expensive wine I asked him to get for me from his holiday, that was a speciality for the region. SO I could only have these things every six months while he was out there.

Within moments of his arrival I had F upstairs where we were ravishing each others bodies and lost in the moment, which seemed lasted more than a moment. But I had missed him completely.

The sound of the car in the drive was enough to bring me back to earth with a slight bump.

I look out the window and hurry F to get dressed and downstairs while I go greet my lover outside to allow F some time to compose himself.

"Have you been busy today?" I'm asked- I am sure I am still flushed from having to rush downstairs. Certainly obvious I have been upto something he hasn't been involved in.

"Yeah, but I have a surprise for you too" I smile as I lead him into the living room where F is sat.

"Why is HE here?" J asked. Not knowing anything but starting to realise that a jigsaw piece had finally slotted into the final gap of a puzzle.

"I thought I would surprise you," Say I, grabbing the back of a dining chair and shoving him onto it, securing his arms and hands to the back of the chair with the stockings I had been wearing previous to F ripping them off of me a few hours earlier. "You know it has been coming for some time.. I just think tonight will be the night"

He gulped. He realised what I had been telling him about for the past few months was finally coming into a reality. Far more lifelike than what I had been threatening him and with someone he had already met.

I tied his feet and legs to the chair too so the only way he would be able to move was by shuffling the chair.

I lifted my skirt and the stained knickers I was wearing confirmed the thoughts he was thinking. They were full of mine and F's mixed juices. I pulled them off and stuff them in J's mouth, he tasted and smelled what both F and I had been upto during the day.

Through muffled gasps and his eyes glistening. Almost teary but also widening knowing that his worst fears, but also his darkest fantasies were about to become a reality.

I went over to F, he had been told about this evening quite some time ago, but he hadn't realised that it would be now that we would be acting this desire of mine out.

I walked over to F, making sure J could see the look in my eyes but never looking at him again from when I shoved the knickers into his mouth.

Slowly, I straddled F as he sat on the sofa. His eyes met mine and we kissed. It was even more exciting than I had dreamt about. Having J watching us, knowing he could do fuck all about it. Me with my extra lover kissing passionately. I could feel F's erection through his trousers and I could feel my wetness growing unbearable.

I took my hands down to release his buldging cock from out of it's trappings and released it. After the use it had I am surprised F was able to sustain yet another superior toy for my use. J just watched, it was as though a porn video had become 3D in our living room. With added benefit of exchanged pheramones, smells of sex and body heat just surrounding us all.

I glanced over and J's erection was extremely prominent but he didn't notice me look.

With F's body twitching I took his length into me and with what we had done today my body was already primed for a huge orgasm rush just from his cock going in me. It didn't take too long for us to be riding in time with each other. F ripped my buttoned shirt apart at the front, exposing my red chest and my very blood pumped breasts. F bent his head down to suckle on a nipple, nibbling it and making my body shudder I was in a mind blowing orgasm again. I coudl feel the whole of my body heat up and then I slumped as the orgasm took a hold. F held me, still pumping his cock in and out of me until I came round and as soon as I had he too came.

It was out of the ordinary. It seemed he would never stop squirting his warm juice into me. My body was out of control shuddering away. We kissed until our bodies had finally calmed down. Such tenderness and a great fuck. J could see just how much F pleased me. He could seee F's body against mine and everything we had just done together but it wasn't over.

I got up from F dripping both of our mess and took out the knickers from J's mouth. usshered F to come over and I put F's dick into J's mouth, after all it needed cleaning, didn't it?

"I want to see that cock completely clean, do you hear me?" My voice was still husky post orgasm and it seemed to kick start F again into what turned out to be a wonderful erection, yet again. J must have been doing too good a job of cleaning him up... But what a beautiful sight it was to see my J sucking suck a glorious huge cock with F getting so much post coital pleasure from it too..

"I think you have forgotten something." I suddenly felt a huge amount of cum run down my leg. I got F to help me lay J down backwards enabling me to sit on J's face and get him to clean all the mess inside me up too.

I helped F get back his erection. J had done a good job of getting it hard so I just had to help him sustain it, didn't I? ;-)

As my horniness was at bursting point, seeing F's cock as hard as it could be, and knowing all three of us were turned on, I left J on the floor and allowed him to watch me fuck F again in front of him, doggy style, so he could see right where F was putting his huge dick into me. My cunt was dripping, soaking wet. They had both got me very very wet and my juices started spraying out over both F and shooting over J's face too.

There was no way on earth I could tell how long this went on for but it seemed to last a long time. I do remember coming round with my body tingling and F still fucking me from behind, it is a good job I was secure on my knees and elbows. Our bodies collapsed as F shot his load, once again into my already full body. I pointed to J and F, shakily, untied him. J got up from his half laying half sitting position and hungrily lapped all the juices from us. I don't think I would have ever produced as much ejaculate as I did that evening and neither did poor F. We were both completely spent.

After J had finished cleaning us up he took himself off into the kitchen and made us all a nice hot sugary cuppa.

See.. I can train boys to do a good job :-D