Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gone but not forgotten

Recently descovered idiocy.

A likeness from the past

I always knew that things would never last

The boy I thought had some spirit

But alas he showed no remorse

For being a complete wanker

And allowing outside influences

To control all of his thoughts

It is a shame that one supposed so clever

Can be so fucking stupid

But I guess that's his manipluative life in a nutshell.

For today brings the end of an era,

And a start of a new life,

Thank you again, now permanent goodnight.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spanking my monkee

I went to Lovetrix last night, purposefully to meet with one person in particular, I hadn't told that many people I was meeting him but he wouldn't go unless I did. Thankful for him and myself we met.

We had been having some really wonderful conversations via Yahoo and MSN the last week (maybe more, time flys eh?) I usually know within the first conversation if I am getting on with someone and if I wanna take it further or not. This one I did.

When another one of my friends said he had a spare seat in his car and would I like to take it I jumped at the chance and then told my friend to meet me there.

Crazy person, got the same dry/sarcastic stupid sense of humour which really helps when talking. Sometimes trying to get humour across to people is bloody hard work, but with him it oozed, like a good std from a whore.

Monkee. Fabulous chap, thought hey why not, just see if he is as good in person as he has come across through the 'net.

Anyway, cut to last night.

I got there with my friends and the house slave (story for another time, sighs). Got talking to some people, introduced to some more, caught up with gossip as ya do and saw him creap around the corner. His face lit up.

What was I wearing?? Well think Uma thurman/pretty woman/Fucking hot bitch. Yes I looked and felt a million pounds. (they are worth more than dollars ;0)).

PVC Honour strappy black mini dress. Thigh high Patent black pleather boots. Black bob wig, glasses.

His eyes were glowing. I am his dream personified. Bless him though, he did go a little nervous on me.

Rummaging through his midget bondage bag with him was a little bit of an ice breaker. And also showed me what kinda things he likes. We had already descussed a few things obviously prior and he couldn't make his likes any more clear after saygin I LIKE THIS about a million and two times ;-) I do prefer knowing what someone likes prior to playing though, I like getting the scene right for both of us.

SO got him to kneel almost immediatly when I sat down. Tried a crappy an summers flogger on him. He said he was a wuss with pain so backed my bag full of non pain slut material, only to find the bugger had under exaggerated hehe. He had lovely stuff in his bag. My eyes widened.

Now him wearing the peekaboo latex shirt helped me gain access to his VERY sensative nipples which were almost gagging for torture, and he can actually take a lot more than he led me to believe.

Ice, finers, pegs manipulation magnified. And with him being desperately tired it didnt take long for his adrenalin and endorphins to kick in big stylee.

"Oh, Hi, nice to meet you,I'm Marina" I said suddenly, Making his laugh really loudly saying "OH yeah, I'm Monkee, pleased to meet you.... " Yes we had gone straight into knowing each other without the formal introductions (plus it was a little bit of a sensation stopper... ;-)

He responded so very well with the chains and spanky hand thingy (reminds myself I HAVE TO GET ONE).

I think he is adorable. And think I wanna keep him for a little while, at least. We share a similar humour, (not music) lol apparently, gawd keep him away from my CD collection. But most of all he's a dead nice bloke.

Glad to meet you, Monkee. May the fun continue. :)xx