Monday, July 26, 2010

A new start

It had been a while for her to feel like this, the trepidation masked by the clothes she wore and the mask her facial expression provided. She needed tonight to count and to feel like she could once again fulfil her desires at the direct offerings of the boy she had planned to hurt and hurt badly.

During the same afternoon she had dusted off her favourite cane and caressed it like a long lost love. She found out of her storage more of the things she used to play with with such ferocity they had the echoes of screams and whimpers within the wooden handles as she touched them. Memories long since gone but about to be created again, this time to bring her back from the darkest depths of normality into the more comfortable reality she once knew.

She had phoned him earlier that day and told him to be naked and kneeled ready for when she got there. A place determined only by luck as she was passing through.

She readied herself in her power suit, with case which looked professional, ready for that meeting. With a final check, a small tug on her skirt and checking there were no snags in her stockings she climbed out of the car and towards the reception of the hotel she was meeting him at. She looked classy, her hair bobbed, glasses and 'professional' looking. Head held high she asked where the bar was and headed towards it.

She decided to let him know via text that she was there, she decided to have a small drink to calm her insides before going up.

She didn't rush her drink. She sipped and watched the people around her, going about their business like ants in a school experiment. She pondered long and hard, would this really be what she wants? Too many questions, too many answers needed and longed for but she decided she'd taken long enough as it was over this. This was it. This was the time to put it all right again.

She got up and went to the elevator and with a heave of her busting cleavage she pushed the button to the floor where she knew he would be waiting. With a sigh the doors closed and she was on her way up. It didn't take long and before she knew it she'd reached the floor and was stood outside of the room. With a small shove she entered and shut the door with a certainty that he knew she meant business.

She said nothing.

He was alone in the middle of the floor. His clothes folded neatly as instructed and kneeling waiting for instruction himself he sighed. An almost deadly calm was thrown across the room. Both knew that this evening was going to be one neither one would forget.

She said nothing as she went over to him and placed her feet a his knees, giving them a little jolt. He knew exactly what to do as he bent down and held one in his hands before delicately putting his lips to the point of her shoe. He didn't look up as he caressed her feet, one by one, first by kissing her shoes and then removing them to give her feet a small massage whilst kissing them also. The stockings became slightly dampened by his tears as she shoved her foot a little harder into his mouth than he'd expected her to, choking him slightly but he never gave up. No complaints. Just compliance.

He worked his way up her calves as when she instructed him to do so with her finger under his chin. She still said nothing. He knew what to do. His hands were very soft, and surprisingly attentive. For someone so clumsy she'd never have expected him to be like this and he certainly never showed signs of this capability before now. His hands massaging all the time, his kisses so gentle but with a greed of someone wanting much much more than he has ever had.
His hands finally came between her thighs and he could smell her dampness. He couldn't ignore this and groaned heavily. His body convulsed slightly as if possessed by something. His excitement visible.

She opened her legs to allow him access to her cunt and he greedily lapped away. His hands on her hips she ground onto his face with soft thrusts until she could bare no more and with one big thrust she came onto his face, showering him, her skirt, thighs, stockings and the floor with that familiar smell of cum. When she calmed herself down a little whilst holding onto his head under her skirt she motioned him with her finger to look at her in her eyes. They are always the most powerful thing about someone. Before this time he'd not looked at her. She bent down a little to meet his gaze but stayed standing. Out of her pocket came the collar which was then fixed round his neck. Just enough for him to breathe comfortably.

His eyes glazed over as he knew now she was there to get it out of the way. Still not saying a word she spun him round and bent him over the bed. She went to her bag and got out of it the cane she had found earlier and some rope. She walked back over to him and placed his hands behind his back so he was holding his opposite elbows with his hands. She tied his wrists tight enough to be able to see he'd not be able to move and if he did it'll be very sore to do so. And stood back.

He knew what was coming but lay still for her. He had closed his eyes when the rope went on but it seemed like his body was aching now to be hurt. Finally they were going to be as one.

She raised the cane and gently but firmly stroked it across his bare arse. A welt appeared almost immediately. She didn't want to waste any more time so started hitting harder slowly at first but rhythmical. As though a ticking watch were counting down with seconds. She knew what she was doing and she felt so alive when each stroke fell against the reddening skin. The welts were small and visible now showing a clearly warmed-up behind.

His body still and awaiting even more. She knew she couldn't keep it soft for long so let the cane come down so fast and hard he stifled himself not to yelp out. A small shiver went through his body as he fought against his body reactions, he tried to try and relax as best he could as he knew that was the first of many she would deliver.

Soon the cane was coming down fast and hard yet he kept himself still, offering her his everything. Still the cane came down. He was aware there were bleeding welts but he ignored it. He knew that this was for the best and he knew that it would be over. Eventually.

He could hear her grunting now. Bringing the cane down as hard as she could. Almost banshee-like in some of the wail-like noises he heard coming from her.

With every lash she felt herself becoming lost in the moment. Only in this place and time she felt complete. She didn't want it to end. She'd missed this with unbearable quantity. She couldn't control herself for a small while and she was so elated that he still kept still for her. She slowed down and stopped. Looked at his arse which was bleeding and red raw. She'd never caned anyone quite like it before. Her sweaty hand from the cane dropped it and the hand she had been balancing herself with was drawn across his arse. She felt him jump a little as it was cooler than he'd expected. With such gentle, softly drawn movements she traced every single line and mark she had created.

She was pleased with her work.

She untied his wrists and sat on the bed with him for a while. Just stroking his head. Her hair still looking tidy but her suit thrown about with the force she had been giving her instrument. His body shivering under her soft touch. Her breath and his returning to a slight normality.

His and her faces and bodies glistening with beads of broken sweat and exhaustion.

With a few final touches she gets up from the bed and goes to look into the mirror to get herself looking respectable again. She isn't' worried that her eye make-up is now slightly worn looking, neither does she care.

He just lays on the bed.

She stands up straight adjusts her jacket, puts her bits away in the bag she came with and walks out of the room without saying a word.

The door closes.

It has only just begun.


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you need to write more so you can put that book together! you are more talented then you know!

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You need to write more so you can put that book together! you are more talented then you know!
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