Monday, July 21, 2008


Blade on flesh
Glistening and fresh
Goosebumps all over
As my breath cools the air around you
I run the blade right over your skin
Then with the sharp point I start to cut in
Opening the wounds ever so
I like to see your blood flow
The single drip
Then the drop
it starts to run so like a hungry vampire I lick
I taste
Not one drip will I waste
I have your blood upon my tongue
I kiss you and share with you
This beautiful ambrosia
The marks an ever lasting symbol of my love.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Your submission

Your submission to me should be give and not take

Your submission to me from your heart you should make

Your four months of consideration have now ended

What do I make of the times we have shared?

Considering taking you through your paces

I write a few words as your heart races.

I love you, you know this, it's true

But should I collar you, for real? Do I really want you?

We've had our ups mostly, some downs.

But we have come through them, a smile on our face, not frown.

We have descussed our vanilla times, and past

We have wants which match, I hope will last

For now though I think you I'll keep

Now starts another quite different streak

For now you're on your way to earning

That collar for years you've been yearning

Lets see just how much you want it

With your submission you give and never take

What you recieve you do so with thanks

DO your best is all I ask

Follow the orders and fulfill the tasks

Please me and treat me well, just like your Queen

We deserve so much from each other

It's been too long

Now You will be with me

Where you belong.