Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going........ down????

You told me of your desires to be set free again. You have told me that all you want is to be held, to be loved if only for a few hours, to escape the real world. Again.

I said I'd love to.

Come round. Lets talk, lets down a glass of bubbly as we chat and catch up a little. Let us decide which way round things will be. Let us decide out of nature which way it will be. We have been friends now for a few years and we have trialed through some aweful times and through tears. In have always been here for you and NOTHING gives me greater pleasure than to deal with you in this way.

F, come round lets get you undressed after we have talked. I will see your body again. Knowing how much it turns me on just to have you with me and knowing how wonderful we work together.

You will be blindfolded, You will be encased. You will be able to feel with no escape. You will find yourself wrapped within my confines. You will be held captive from my binds. Your body lifeless. Your mind cleansed. Your breathing so calm and your thoughts sublime.

You looked beautiful out of the encasing, you look even more serene within. I can just about see your chest rise and fall. I can see where those tears of realisation are coming through the wrappings on your face through the hole I left for you to breathe. This time even more intense than the last as we both know just what feelings are being surrounded by this evening.

This evening will be ours. Again.

You look as beautiful as ever, your body just as perfect as it was the last time I saw you. But this time it is different. We both need this we both need that escapisim aspect of our togetherness.

Tonight is our night. Fuck everything else in the world. Sod everyone else. You and me, me and you. Our night to live, our night true.

I will leave you in your state for a few hours, this time not even letting you know I am with you. Just sitting silently. Watching you. Seeing as you start to panic. Your body started to sweat all the more not knowing wether I had actually left you or not as your crys of "please mistress, tell me you're there" start to take on a more depserate tone. Your pleading is something you've not had tested out as yet. But I sit there. Watching you. Knowing you're safe..... without you being let in on this secret.

I can see you started to get a little annoyed by your bindings, yet however you're finding it inconfortable you're also knowing this is what you want what you need, even if it is hindsight that will allow you this information.

You start to wriggle. I smile. I see your mouth start to wibble as the fear starts to set in, finally. You really have no idea that I am still sat watching you. I can be as quiet as a mouse at times ;-) Evil.

I watch as the panic REALLY starts to set in now. You struggle for real against the binds. Is it for real? I hear you ask. I stay silent. Mistress, where are you?. Again I sit here smiling. knowing this is something you have wanted for a longlong time. You're desperately trying to break free. You knowing that it is impossible for the binds are far too strong. With your sight and your hearing numbed you have no idea. Your worst fears start settting in.

You're now weaping. But stil I don't allow the binds to come off.

PLEASE, Mistres, PLEASE. It's no use begging. I am staying silent until I feel it is the right time to release you.

You've only been cocooned for a couple of hours. You can make it through another one.. at least. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. You trust ME to make those desicions for you so it is pointles you begging me to let you go. You're tears only fuel my high. Your weaping only turns me on and it is such a purile attempt to get free.

You're not ready to be let free, not yet.

You have started to realise that the struggling isn't doing you any good. The thrashing about only makes the whole body wobble. You give up. You're now sobbing. Properly sobbing.

Your body is now relaxing. You know it is now pointless to struggle. You've now been in your entrapment for three hours. You're body is floating inside the sweat wrap which has encased you within your binds. You look serene if not totally upset. Upset or finally released from your control? I know you're not quite ready to be let free.

I will leave you here to allow your body to go through the process. You need to realise what I am doing to you, is for you. You know this but hadn't fully appreciated this until now. This moment is yours of realisation. You now know what it means to feel. To feel completeness.

I now know it is time for you tobe born again. Born of the horrid embodiment of the rubbish the world has thrown your way.

As I start cutting through the layers I see you start to tremble. Remembering how you were when I gave birth to you before. You look like a new born. Your body all shrivelled from the dampness. The sweat and other fluid which you were swimming in still surrounding you. I take you out of the outerlayer and wash you down with warm water.

I wrap your shivvering frame in a fleece blanket knowing how fragile you are feeling.

I'm here now, F. There is no need to worry. You're safe.

I hold you until you stop shaking. I hold you until you become relaxed again.

Welcome back F.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm grumpy-big rant-waffle whatever, just not worth going through really

The last few days I haven't been the best of company even refusing two people who offered to come round to cheer me up. Just wanted an early night last night (which I didn't get due to talking with someone else) and finally arranging something which should have been delt with a while ago.

R has taken it upon himself to block me on msn and ignore a mail from me so I am assuming that contact is now now longer viable. Oh well. I wish him luck with everything. Not much else I can do but I'll be buggered if I am civil to him if I see him at a mutual aquaintances 'do' at any time. I have an ability to help people's invisibility stay in tact when needed. Bollocks to it all.

Yes I am in a bit of a bad mood recently but it hasn't stopped me respecting those who have earned it. Those who have taken time to get to know me and understand what it is that makes me tick. Those who have contacted me in the vein hope of getting some action, one way of the other have been told to go away.. or words to that effect.

There are reasons people come into your life, I still am unsure as to why half the time as all that happens is rubbish. My priority is my home life. My son. And to be honest I couldn't give a crap right now about anyone. Not anyone else bar myself and him. Even friends who I went to see on Saturday I found a drain. Not their fault they are still happily going along enjoying their lot. I am pleased for them, all of them. But it feels as though I'm getting that niggle to break free. It has been a yerning for a while now and maybe I have been looking for an excuse to be able to just fly the nest and go.

Maybe all I need is a good lengthy holiday of sorts. One where I don't have to organise anything., One where I can relax knowing B is looked after in some way. And just some escape time.

I also got to thinking at how my life has changed in the last decade. A huge amount has happened to me, not altogether great for the most part but I am still here and that is what is supposed to be important, isn't it? My son is a very healthy very bouncy fellow of whom I couldn't be more proud.

But I want a lot more out of life. He wants siblings. He wants a bigger family but even only at five and a half he knows mummy needs a daddy figure to make his dream happen.

Most of his friends have a little playmate. Most of his friends and cousins have a family unit. We have us. Me and him. He sees his Dad but he has never known us to be an item. He just knows that he is loved and very wanted. A different story than what was even five years ago in his fathers mind.

I had a bit of a lucky escape really with R. The thing which happened was that he came in me. After us already talking about this whole me not being on any birth control etc so I did take a test, luckily was negative (wether I can even have children or not is a 50/50% chance anyhow) but the point being was that there wasn't any support one way or the other. Me having the thoughts of needing to go through an abortion should the test have come through positive. There would have been no way I could carry someone's child who clearly has no intention of even speaking to me. Again all this alone. I really don't know why and maybe he is thanking his lucky stars that things didn't get any more serious. RIght now I couldn't care less. I know how hard it is to finish with someone. But at least I have made it clear why I had to do it.

Men are such fickle creatures. Supposedly simple.. but only when it is on their terms. Simple my foot. I have had the (dis)pleasure of knowing hundreds of different types of the male species and all have in some way let me down. Not always apparent to them at the time.

My trust levels are at an all time low. I don't feel I can talk to anyone freely. Not like when I was younger and I had my best friend who'd do almost anything for me. (and visa versa) AGain and as I have said to him, I've not had anyone like him since and I think that is why I spout so much garbage on here. I do need to talk and those who have taken the time have known I am there in whatever capacity to help out and talk them through their needs and thoughts. But me? I have words, words and a keyboard. Floating aimlessly within my thoughts expecting to figure out what it is I need to figure out not realising that everything I come up with has a rhetorical answer.

I think over time (and without his teasing of me loving him) I could have gotten to like R. Properly like him. But it wasn't meant to be and to be frank I am glad I didn't get feelings involved. Friday is contact culling day, msn, yahoo, and even going through profiles deleting ones which I am a little narked about.

I cannot give more than I am. I cannot do more than I do. I'm exhausted. Guide me show me what I'm doing so sodding wrong and I'll be able to show you that I am so unable to be that perfect someone people are looking for. Yes it is time for me to say I want someone. And mean it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am at a loss as to what to write. All I want to do is waffle and say everything what is on my mind but thn I open myself up for the shit that could come with it.

This week has been a bit strange to say the least, having what was perceived, a relationship ending abruptly and just figuring out what it is I am trying to get straoght in my mind.

I have had just tonnes of stuff i need to do, am getting fed up if anything and not been in the most sociable mood the last few days. Not brilliant but could be put down to a lot of things.

I am becoming more and more annoyed at where I am living. More and more wanting to stretch out and bugger off. Get away from everything and make a proper fresh start. I don't really have that much to stay here for. But with B i have to take schooling and everything like that into consideration. Plus be able to ensure he and his father continue a relationship. I may actually look into this next year. By mid year I'll start asking around I think.

I need a body to punish I need a body to abuse. I have a few offers it is just finding time and having the right mindset to make it mutually beneficial.

A complete submission

A complete submission

My master last night,
He said to me,
“Strip of your clothes,
Yield yourself to me,
Your body mind and soul are now mine,
Mine they’ll forever be.

Your body mind and soul are now mine you hear
And not your own,
From this day forth I’ll own you
And mine you’ll be,
Forever until eternity.”

As I wait for instruction,
With baited breath
For the punishment to begin
My slave by my side,
Holding my hand in fear that I cry,

“A new beginning as of this eve,
An end to your disrespect and heart that doth bleed.
You’ll see you’re more than those who troubled your past
You’re the best you you can be.”

Now I wear it as a trophy,
I wear the brand with pride,
Bloody chest and ripped up back,
The heavens heard me cry.

I now know my master owns me
And proud he will be

Damn it I am the best me I can be!

You know what?

I know how fickle people can be, and I do know I've been taken for a ride on more than a few occasions over the last year. But you know what? To those who have treated me like a cunt.. Fuck you :-D

Thats all.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What you mean to me

You helped me when I was down
I rang, you came around
I needed, you were there
I wanted, you cared
I loved you loved me back

Your friendship meant so much to me

We share lots of memories
It was so long ago
But so fresh in my mind
I remember the us that was
The us we left behind

Now we have grown
We've both had lives
We've both seen and done
The stuff we have survived

I have missed you as a person
I've missed you as a friend
Now I have found you
I'd like to hold on, to the end

Whereever our lives take us
Whatever journey we're on
I know that one thing I'd like
Is to know our friendship is as strong

Now that I've found you
I do not want to let you go
And through these very simple words
I just wanted to let you know.

Time out

I haven't really done much the last few days. (blog wise-thought process wise)

This morning I woke up and the reality of not being able to talk to R kinda made me wonder if I am missing him even slightly and I am. We had only really been speaking for a couple of months but it was a continuous conversation. I'm not hurting over it I don't think but there is a small part of me which is dissapointed that things have come to a halt.

I don't blame him for anything but I do wonder why it is at times I do as I do. But I do know that if I had have known what had been going on I maybe wouldn't have worried so much about things. Communication, to me, is vital. However insignificant it is to someone else I find even the small details something I can at least know what is going on with the other.

I know that there were a few happenings. And maybe with me becoming more and more paranoid about something that happened I presumed it was to do with that than what it was that did happen. That makes no sense to anyone but me but I know I need to record my thoughts at times to try and evaluate what it is I need to do to improve myself or even have a slight chance at getting together with someone else. IF being the operative word.

I think I know still what it is I want. I just don't know how to visualise this person nor am I able to describe him.

I do know that I am ready for someone. This I hadn't admitted possibly for a while. But with R's interaction I do know that I know that this is what I'd like now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Realisation and confirmation

I had that mail. The one I had kinda ben expecting. I am not right for him, wasnt right for him and possibly wasn't as sympathetic to his life as I should have been.

It was nice to think, that for a while I had started to think maybe, just maybe it could have turned into something a little more substantial but it wasn't to be.

I wear my heart on my sleave but I also know I cannot allow anyone to just open me up. This hadn't happened yet in our relationship but I could see it happening.. in the future maybe, perhaps.

Yes I fucked up. Again. But this is something I am not going to dwell on but I do feel crap for making him feel pressured. This is something I thought I'd grown out of. This is possibly also why I cannot hold a relationship together for more than a couple of weeks. Fair enough most of the time is is due to me getting bored. But I did think this one would have lasted a little longer if I am being honest.

Thank you R and goodbye. I know you'll do well in whatever you want to achieve and there are no bad feelings from my end. I hope that your friend has all of your support and I hope things work out for the best in that area and also in your workplace.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The drop

Has hit me a little earlier than usual, it tends to take two to three days.. but the wonderful play I had throughout the night on Saturday ensured me no sleep and a huge amount of chemical infusion into my body.

I had been feeling a little down today and recently with personal things happening my mind has been awash with too many thoughts.. and none with a positive ending.. until I found someoen who I knew a long time ago. I treasured this person and it broke my heart when I couldn't talk with him or anything again.

SO to find him and talk with him this evening. My world has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster today. Now I'm gonna sleep on events and hopefully wake with a brighter, more positive thought process.

Yes I'm paranoid but

Also possibly reading too much into something. But I have a feeling that things aren't right and without being told I have no bloody idea as to why.

I don't want to force as issue if I'm being persistant or annoying someone. I dont' wanna end up nagging nor forcing someone into something they don't wanna do. I'd prefer it if I were told exactly what was going on.

Today I am feeling a little unsure about a lot of things.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blindfolds and cuffs

I left him there whilst I got ready.

He had been told to be at mine for half past eight. He got to me by eight so I placed a blindfold over his eyes and lead him to my bed. I used the silk scarves which had been waiting for him upon his return to secure him, spread eagled waiting for me to get ready.

I hadn't showered that day due to being so busy with running the local charity auction (of which I was able to raise enough funds to go towards bigger and better events) and he knew that him being here would allow me to vent the steam of which had been bustling inside of me for weeks throughout it all.

I don't like rushing so I ran myself a bath. He could hear my movements but him not know exactly what would be happening to him, showed by his arousal, excited me.

The moon was full and was flowing through the curtains in a mystical fashion and I could see the shadows from the curtain falling over his smooth skin just wonderfully. I saw the goosbumps perk up when a small whisp of wind entered through the slightly opened window upon his frame. And his face, apart from his eyes, looking good enough to sit upon.

I watched him whilst in my thoughts for what seemed like ages, but only a small amount of real time as my bath had begun to start teatering towards the top. The bubbles make me loose myself anyhow so slipping my silken robe to the floor over my legs and feet, then climbing into the warm and sensuous water with my recent horny thoughts of what lay ahead made my mind start to wander.

As I lay my head to relax on the bath pillow I started to dream.

My lover had been waiting to see me for months now. Neither of us had really taken things between us seriously before but tonight was to become our night. The night where we finally became more than just play things or casual. Tonight was the making of us.

My thoughts had been running ragged for days on the build up to tonight. Well something had to distract my thoughts from the organising of one of the biggest events in the area that had been seen in a decade.

I knew I wanted him. I knew he wanted me but we had both decided to wait. Something that is a little abnormal for me.

All these thoughts flowing and making me tremble in the bath. I had already figured out what I wanted to do, but also play it cool.

I got myself out of the bath (should have stayed in there longer but I was a little eager) and towel dried my hair just enough so it'd still be wet when I went into see him.

He was laying as still as the water in moonlight. His body using the shadows to show more ripples and definition into his torso. I could see he was relaxed. This being a good sign as he must have gone into some sort of state of oblivion because he didn't seem to hear me come back into the room and was very startled to have me beside him kissing his cheek tenderly. My hair still slightly damp from the bath and me smelling like the soap I had washed in.

I went to his side and he felt the first droplets of water from my hair tickle his chest. He was gorgeous. His body became all goospimply and I ensured a few more droplets dripped onto him. I was becoming aroused and he could smell it.

I had taken precaution to lay beside the bed a wonderfully chilled pair of cuffs. Metal, Brand new and the coldest steel I could find. I had also prepared them by keeping them in the fridge for the last few days so they kept the cold nicely. So as I untied his hands and feet there was a confused look upon his face. As if I wasn't meant to be letting him free.. yet he didn't know within second I would be clasping his wrists and his ankles and shakling him to my bed.

The cold steel pressed against his already excitedly shivering frame and I could see his excitement. I had to resist just jumping on top of his hardened cock as I ran my fingers down from his neck to his nipples.

They were stiff too, just stiff enough to take into my teeth and bite ever so teasingly. My nails already painted blood red digging into his skin He made the most wonderful noise, a little like a cat purring and a animal ready to mate. I leant over and kissed, sucked and bit his other nipple, a little harder than the previous one, but hard enough to hear him yelp out a little.

A small slap around his face soon got his attention back from wandering off.

"My turn for a treat" I whispered in his ear.

I climbed onto his face and gently started teasing his lips with my labia. His tongue started licking my already moistened cunt and clit. I ground on his face a little just enough to allow myself a small climax, I didn't want to completely let go. Not yet anyhow. I told him to suck on my clit, this gives a wonderful sensation and something i really love. A little what I'd imagine a blowjob for a man to feel like and as the area which is being centered on is so explosive he soon had me exploding my juices into him.

Spluttering, as he couldn't swallow as much as I was spraying into his mouth, he started to realise how frustrating it was not to be able to free his hands to feel me, touch me. But instead conceeded and gulped what he could down.

I sided back a little and bent down to kiss him, licking what juices had trained down his face and neck I started to suck near his jugular. Something which I, myself find erotic, must come from my insatiable gothic love for the vampire type scenario. Another story, another time ;-)

As I was sucking and nibbling I could feel his pulse start racing.. oh yeah he was enjoying it. And he possibly could have come right there and then. My fingers found their way to his right nipple and I started to tweak, he started to groan, not like the pussy cat from before, but like an animal on heat. He wanted release. I was also gagging to be filled and to use him like the fuck toy he was.

With a very hard nipple twist I sat on his cock and started pumping away. Still tweaking his nipples. Everytime I felt his body shake a little I'd tweak them again. Oh just to be able to see what I was seeing was as horny as fuck. As I reached another powerful climax I got off from his dick and sat on his mouth again, this time spilling far too much into him, over him and all over the pillow his head was resting on.

"Your fault you dirty little whore. Look what you've done to me!" His face was a picture as I sternly said these words to him.

I know I needed to use him some more so I got straight back onto him. This time fucking him until I saw that familiar look on his face. He was getting ready to come.

I knew the moment he was about to explode and I took his blindfold off just as he exploded into me. ALlowing him to see me coming too making his orgasm one of the strongest and longest orgasms he had experienced.

I slowed down a little and bent down to kiss him. "Well done my little slut. Now get yourself washed, get a that silk dressing gown on and go get me a hot chocolate"

He did what he was told at once. Well after I had released him from his shackles. He came back upto me with a deliciously made drink and as I drank he rubbed my feet, purring like the cat who got the cream. His face was glowing. After I had finished he curled up at my feet and we both fell fast asleep.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hold me tight

Don't let me go
Talk to me, share your woes
You don't have to be alone anymore
I'll hold you closer, just to be sure.

You cradle me
As I hold you tight
Through what used to be lonely nights
Now we're together it just feels right.

Seeing in you
Is what I see in me
Being together learning
Learning to let feelings flow free

Such a void we've both been in
Just to be embraced,
The way you touch my body, my skin
You've got my body to breathe

I have started to feel alive
Started to well, just feel
The way it all fits
There is no compromise

So as I hold you close
And feel your gaze
I just feel secure
In so many ways.

Conflicting thoughts

Sometimes all I want and need to do is express how I am feeling through this blog. Usually because either the people reading it are total strangers or the words within would have some impact onto people who know me personally.

Sometimes I just need to put into words, or at least try to put into words my thoughts.

Recently I have been chatting with my man near on every evening for possibly a month or so, if not he has been with me. Now you can find a lot about someone by talking to them, especially when I've told him as much as I have and he has also been so sweet and taken the time to go through the past entries here and in other places.

I haven't hidden anything from him and at times he even opens upto me. Not very english like but still he does, in his own way. It seems we have a lot of common life goals. And I like the little things which have presented themselves this far between us.

For examples certain situations such as what happened last night (Tuesday) I am still a little confused if I am being honest about it. We had descussed so much leading upto last evening but nothing could prepare me for what happened. I am having conflicting thoughts about it. One where I am so very happy he felt at ease and did basically just what I had set out to happen but then, did he actually get the pleasure out of it too? I am sure we will talk about it at some point. I do find communication vital even if it is a simple yes or no.

I know long term things have been pencilled in and talked about. not much point beating around the bush on certain matters.. but what happens if I let go and start to actually have feelings for him? I don't know how I'd be able to express them (well there is one way ;-)) but also what happens if thigns go tits up just when I am starting to open up, as has happened on occasion before. Quite a few times actually.

It feels so good when he holds me. I can feel the warmth from inside of him oozing out. He is just very cuddly even though he would more than likely ask me to macho up his image if out and about.. possibly a reason we've not actually gone out yet ;-)

It has been a long long time since I have been even in such a similar situation and to be honest I don't knwo what I shoudl be doing. Usually everything over these last few years have bene organised. Or even done a while before they have actually happened. But not knowing is also something which is leaving me a little unsteady on my feet.

I'd hate to hold him back should he need to move onto pastures greener and I know I come with a lot of baggage and I am shitting myself over the thought that maybe he'd want to really be with me longer term. My insecurities tend to rear their head when I've not had much sleep and last night was awful for sleeping, possibly something to do with what happened as I have been trying to analyse it all. I also know that after seeing him a few times and knowing that I'll be seeing him some more it is something of a future prospect to-not exactly plan things but- to start taking seeing him for granted.

I don't want to take anyone for granted especially a partner. I am sure he will tell me to shush and to stop thinking about things so much but then we have both agreed to be verbal in our thoughts, much rather it be said and be open than keep it inside and then have implosions.

I have no idea wether I'm supposed to come to any conclusion with my ramblings here and cannot find a moral to this story.

I guess I'm shattered after not sleeping well again for a few days. Oh and i'm only on the second day of chocolate abstinance and haven't even had any cravings. This will lead to the afore mentioned man to eat his hat when I win the bet :-D

Sunday, October 07, 2007

His thoughts

Were racing through his mind. Would he actually live upto her expectations, after all she had disclosed so much to him. Her wants, her desires but would he be good enough? "No pressure" he thought. He remembered her words from their chatting.

He knew that when they were alone only their bodies were what would be talking. Making a symphony of noise and feeling.

He made his way to hers, knowing what would be expected but then... did he? After all she could just do a complete about-turn on the night they had both envisged.

He knew she had a strength of her own, something of a challenge to him. Something which he hadn't really experienced much before. This excited him.

What the hell was he thinking? After nearing a year from all this he has started to wonder what it would be like to get to know someone again, intimately. He knew she also had been feeling the same. Their common goals seemed to be so simliar that theirs was too good an opportunity to miss.

Feelings scared the pair of them. Both knowing that they wanted certain things.. both getting closer everytime they talked to one another. One day it will all become clear, he thought. He didn't know to what extent she liked him and she refused to say as she had been through some shit in the past and she wasn't able to open up to anyone. Not until she knew the time was right anyhow.

Not knowing was also something that was playing on his mind. Was she just wanting him for his body?? Surely not as he wasn't all that impressed with himself when he looked into the mirror. But for some reason she did like him. She liked the way he was able to hold her gaze, even if he felt a little paranoid when she did it. He liked the way she made him feel when he held her in his arms.

They fitted. They seemed to be able to mould into one anothers bodies without any effort. It felt. Well it felt right.

He wanted to let her know how he felt but was so unsure of being knocked back he daren't.. she had the same feelings towards this and he knew it. But for now they were gradually getting to know one another on the times they were allowed together.

His thoughts had carried him right up to her door. He knocked and she let him in.

"Fucking hell!" His thoughts were at that moment just of her and what was about to happen. He controlled himself from saying how good she looked as he didn't want to spoil things, He knew of how things were meant to happen.

He held her and as soon as the door was closed he put his hand up her skirt. Fuck she felt good. She had definately been waiting for him. Even if her hair was soaking wet. He didn't mind. It kinda added to the situation. He kissed her as his fingers invaded her. She had done what they had talked about and he couldn't think of anything more wonderful. Knowing that this was actually happening, just as they had descussed. A fantasy coming true.

Feeling her arousal and finding that his hands were getting soaked he grabbed her hand. He couldn't stop just wanting to beinside her again. It felt so good. Surely she must know that this closeness is something outside the norm for him. Yet everything just seems to be working well. He thought he had better stop analysing things.

He was there to fulfil something they both wanted. It had been so long since he smelt her and knowing how much she wanted him filled his body with a tremendous excitement.

He led her into the living room and bent her over the table. without a word he lifted her skirt. He couldn't believe just how easily this was happening. Just how powerful it felt to have her, of all girls, wanting him. practically begging him to fuck her. He saw her moist cunt and using one hand in her to tease her he unzipped himself.

He was hard. Hard for her. She had made it clear what she wanted and he was going to give it to her. Yet he was so afraid of hurting her he was torn. He made room with his fingers for his cock and he forced himself into her, feeling her body convulse and hearing her groan. No time for even thinking. He felt her body go heavy as he felt her orgasm very hard.

That was enough to get him to start knowing he was about to come, suddenly she came to again and their breathing continued in unison. He cupped her breasts and held her so close that he was pushing himself as far as he could inside her.

He knew the moment was there as his head flung back and he thrusted into her with such a force they both knew they were coming. It happened and they were still together. Still one. He thrusted some more just to ensure everything was spent. She was used and he moved his hand to her chest. Her heart was pounding.

He turned her round and kissed her passionately.

"So what do you want for dinner?" He asked. Doing himself up and getting ready to go to the chinese.

She looked confused but felt well used. "Lets go see what they have, eh?" She said happily. She had definately got the cream. She was glowing.

He felt liked they had come a long way in such a short time. He hurried her out the door to get dinner and couldn't wait for desert ;-)

Friday, October 05, 2007

She was told

To get herself ready for him. He was going to be at hers within an hour.

She had already decussed their next encounter but didn't realised it would have come so soon.


She hadn't shaved any part of her. She needed to find those specific clothes out for him... without the panties. And and... she had no time to go through the mental list she was used to.. Quick, shower and get ready for him.

His comment "I will have one finger inside of you before I come through the door, any material resistance will mean I just go home straight away" had her wetness ensured. She hadn't always reacted so well to being told what to do, but for some reason this guy started to change her way of thinking.

She had been hearing those words go round and round inside of her for a few days now and she really just wanted to feel him inside her.

She knew how to please her man.. she just hoped she'd live upto his expectations.

From previous encounters she had realised that being touched so gently had bought her off to an unpenetrated orgasm. He was the first in a long time to use words to make her body stand up and be counted. He made her feel alive from what had seemed an eternity of numbness. He wanted her. That in itself was what made her loins so moist that she was practically begging him to be with her.

Fuck fuck fuck. She had been daydreaming about him whilst in the shower and the time had flown. He would be there in ten minutes. SHIT. As much as she was turned on and needy, the last thing she wanted was to dissapoint him. She wanted to please him and make him want her all the more when he arrived.

She quickly shaved all her areas for his pleasure. Rushed out of the bathroom hair sopping wet and found those clothes he wanted her in. These, it seemed, was what he had pictured her in and he wanted to use her in. Yes use her. A word generally used for the people she delt with. But now it was her turn to feel that feeling of complete need. Desire. Control from someone else.

She had never denied her sexual intimacy desires but they weren't there for the knowledge of each and everyone. Just the ones she wanted to let know.

Her body still glistening from the drops of water from her hair she answered that knock at the door.

He couldn't take his eyes away from how she presented herself, those shoes. That corset, that skirt. She was his for the taking. Without speaking he shoved his hands up her skirt, into her aching wetness and he watched as she immediately came to orgasm. She had been wanting this for a long time. It just took a special person to gain her trust enough to do it.

He puller her close and whispered into her ears "Good girl"

She shuddered as she felt almost slightly floaty, with just words?? SHe mentally climaxed...how the fuck can anyone do that to her. She was supposed to be the strong one. She was the one who should have been in control and he was shattering everything. Yet his animal instincts and her body just wanted to be one. He only had to say a few words and she was his.

He grabbed her turned her round and bent her over lifting her skirt quickly, unbuttoning himself and forcing his huge throbbing manhood into her. She couldn't believe how turned on she was being used. She had never imagined this turning into reality.

She came almost immediately he felt that clench from her pussy that made him know just exactly what he had done to her. It didn't stop him. He started pounding harder and harder, with as many clenches from her and thrusts from him their breath started becoming rythmic and together.

He reached his hands round to cup her breasts through her corset and released them soon after. He knew that touch touching her nipples would throw her over the edge. It worked. She was bucking and her body was convulsing with the ever yerning urge to shower him in her juices.

She cannot remember much from a few moments after that as he had made her pass out from the orgasm highs. She floated back down and found him ready to explode. His breath was heavy as he started to grunt slightly. His body became rigid and then there was that final thrust. The one where she knew he had spilt his seed into her. He carried on thrusting to ensure she felt every last throb from his cock.

He stood her up and still inside her held her from behind. Both of them needing that closeness. Knowing each other was totally satisfied. Their juices starting to flow down the inside of her legs. He just held her. turned her head roudn to meet his and he kissed her. Long and deeply.

They looked into each others eyes.

This was what it was all about.