Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Every shit weekend has a gold lining :)

Ok so I have recently started looking around for slaves for myself, not the idiots who decide they are good for me then slate me at every given opportunity lol But nice guys, who understand what being commited and sometimes challengingly submissive is like.

I have been talking with M through IC and he is a nice bloke, He has either read a lot of books and know hows to present himself or is actually someone who I have been looking for in regards to a partner/play toy and everything inbetween, I am quite excited about the opportunity so I got him to change his profile and accept a months probation from me. I will be meeting him in person on Tuesday at the Cammunch.. and with any luck.. we will talk some more and things will become more set in stone from that point.

I have little tasks Iwill set him, and am so looking forward to his approach to them. Some people surprise me when I set them and surpass anything I'd have imagined they would do.

Welcome my boy, Now come lay your head on my lap. :)

What a tit!!!!!

Seriously, people like this one, really need to realise that he doesn't deserve to be with someone in the first place, ARROGANCE will not be tolerated.

MistressMarina wrote: Grow up, You're blocked.

NOT GIVING NAME OUT: wrote:(quote) MistressMarina wrote:Firtsly, I have no idea who you are, secondly, I have had no mails rom you or anyone else which I have seen which I have at least not said my reasons for no further communication, I am sure you are aware, as I was told, that if you don't log onto the site for a certain amount of time that mails get deleted,. I dont often come on here and if you were really interested and wanted to chat to me,. AS MOST PEOPLE HAVE then they will get me through yahoo.. it is almost ALWAYS ON.. or there are the more simplistic ways like emailing... ever considered that?Besides if you read my profile, you'd have know you were out of my age range and therefore I'd not even regard you as a personal slave. (quote)
NOT GIVING NAME OUT wrote:I've been told by quite a few that you never reply to memos..dont you appreciate that genuine people take the trouble to write to you? bad manners are a sign of a dis-organised person in many areas both emotionally and activity..I withdraw my request to be considered to serve..I am a genuine civilised and well mannered person..I simply couldnt respect you. So you certainly have no need to revoke osmething that was never there. This decision is based on 3 other subs telling me you dont reply. tony
Mere excuses for your bad did you know that 'ageism' is a form of discrimination? although I dont believe you meant it as such..just an example of your own narrow mindedness as regard to stereotyping people because of their age..this only reflects badly on you!I have to smile as you regard yourself as a 'rockchic. well I've been involved in the music business for a long time locally and I'm pondering what type of rock you like? if its old school its amusing to think that the sounds you headbang to was made by what are now pensioners. when I go to the alniters at Rockcity [if you dont know where that is..your not a bonafide rocker of worth] I see all around me youth [under 30] who flag out short term and are sleeping in corners when I spend most of the night on the dance floor..oh dear the naivety of young 'girls' like you..bye bye hope you find your toyboy sub soon.I come from a different place where men walk!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just wanted to say a few words.

I always thought I could never be taken in by someone, but it happened. First subs are always possibly what you remember, fresh experinces in your first true role as their Domme/protector friend, playmate. Emotions tend to be fnud quickly with the intimacy that the lifestyle brings. With the honesty and the openess that surrounds it brings people together a lot closer, a lot sooner than in a natural vanilla way. I found anyhow.

Then you find out they have lied to you and everything that went on between you is rubbished in one awful stroke by the same person who was wanting you to give them what they said they truely wanted. It hurts, yes of course it does. But even moreso when you're at your most vulnerable, even in the role as Top/Domme etc. You find out through something public, without them having the balls to acually tell you face to face and you realise that when they have been wanting to come see you and carry on as if nothing is any different you find they are already in another partnership.

This lifestyle is full of timewasters. But similarly full of some of the most genuine people I have had the fortune of getting to know and becoming friends with over the last few years. I love the lifestyle and am not going to let one lying cheat spoilt it for future happenings.

I only hope that what goes around comes around. Karma they say is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

NOT GONE and not forgotten

Life has just given me some unexplained twists and turns over te latter part of last ywar, This year... May have a few juicy stories to write about. Might actually have the fire back in me. Suppose that was being celebate does for you lol

Happy new year to young and old, rich and poor, to friends old and new. May this year finaly turn your luck for the better and this is what I wish for you!!