Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shoulders back, Tummy in

How many times can you tell a boy to do this to make it sink in?

I decided I was going to drag M along to one of my local parties last weekend. Neither of us really knew what I was going to do with him so surprise was the key.

After the normal introductions and the normal natter.. in which time others had gone and found their own play spaces we had our drinks and a little chat with the contacts there things were going swimmingly. I chose not to undress properly for a while and allow people to be amazed with what I wore :o)And when I took my long black dress off to reveal my wonderful black corset, my thigh high (5" heeled) patent boots and my cheeky black shorts.. the people were drooling.. it's amazing the kick you can have when you know you've dressed for the occasion ;o)

I lead M up the stairs to a room which wasn't very occupied and told him to put some music on while I undid my ropes. I put the ropes on the chair while I stripped him of his clothing.. all but his pants.. but this was for a reason :o)

I tied him up in a body harness, just a very simple but ashtetically effective diamond design. I then grabbed his cock and balls and placed them in a jubilee clip and started to screw it into place when one of my friends J (female this time) came into the room and looked at this attachment with drooly eyes and so I passed her the screwdriver.. and explained to her that he enjoys making girls scream as he is actually switch :D Now this added fuel to her fiery eyes.. and so she tightened the clip in place very well. obviously I couldn't leave the poor chap like it without a little smack to the tied package.. hehe.. so he got a few slaps with a wooden spoon which he knew would be the starting sensation of the evening :D

One thing I cannot stand is when men slouch too much. When they become comfortable and just hang their shoulders and let their belly hang so when M was taking in the sensations I was giving him I had to remind him.. several times with a slap to his protruding stomach.. to keep everything ship shape.. eventually he cottened on with just a look I gave him which was nice to know how easy he could be to train properly :D

Now bulldog clips weren't available, so I had to borrow some lovley little paper clip bulldog clip type things. Two of which I use on his ear lobes and two of which were gently placed on his nipples. When I put each one on him obviously to me he was finding his comfort zone of pain.. (which was actually naff lol) But with my instruction of breathing when they were all applied he did very well. I told him I was chuffed with how he was able to manage it. After all those little things may look sweet and innocent but bugger they have a nasty pinch :D Another reminder that throughout everything he must keep his shoulders back and tummy in.. think that bought him back into earths' gravity for a while hehe!!!

I took the clips from his person quite abruptly.. and when he thought it could hurt much more I rubbed the areas where they were to get the blood to circulate again... he did well, only let out a small gasp of breath rather than any crying. He did very well! So I took him down so he could pour me a drink and have a little cool down himself.. think that was well timed as the rest of the people there had decided to go and find some play room for themselves also.

All the time we were wandering and chatting in the chill out time I was thinking what else I could use or do to him.. so many possibilities... so many things to try.

I had a little hydration and then led M back upstairs and we had a little play around with a few more bits I had bought, and also a horse bandage which I had given to me by one of my friends whilst I was there. I saw J with another sub in a connecting room so showed her how to deal with the lad anally.. I bought some lovely black latex gloves and gave her some nice lube which I was given by D a few weeks previously. While I showed her M waited with baited breath just outside as he knew what was about to come to him. I had already been walking around the house with one of my strap on's on and I did look the business I must admit lol

I lead M into a room which was empty, bent him over the bench and started feeling around him, talking to him gently and just making him feel relaxed for what was about to happen. I was soon lubing my black latex hands up ready to feel for his opening and his first wantent experience of being used by me in that way.

I felt inside him and found his little love lump which I started to massage and I knew he was ready for what I was about to do to him. He was writhing... Groans.. everything was so right for his first time.

I pushed the dildo into him.. and took it slowly at first so as not to worry him (plus I hadn't actually done anything like this where someone could walk in at any moment) so taking it easy seemed right.. But by the fourth time of putting it in him.. he was pushing back onto me and grinding deep onto my pelvis.. he was loving it.. what a whore eh? Wonderful. I allowed him only a short time reletively doing this as time was getting on.. and I wanted really to only show him what it was like.

I took the dildo from out of him and got him standing slowly, you should have seen his grin.... if I hadn't already duck taped over his face lol I kissed him and told him how great he was. A perfect end to a good party.

Derren Brown....

Now Derren is amazing.. a very good psychologist and a very clever performer. I guess I was expecting to be amazed but I guess I have watched too many of his shows.. so had D, my really good mate I went with. We had worked out nearly all of what he was doing before most of the audience gasped.. (in the disbelief they have you say was there...) All in all he was entertaining.. even though his stage appearence seemed a little shakey and if he didn't use stooges... it seemed pretty well planned.

Was a great night out, fantastic company, couldn't have asked for a better "date" Cheers :D