Monday, August 24, 2009

Remind me

I need to update my stories, there have been a few goodies in the past few months I really need to upload here :-D

That's all for now :-D

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Expecting something?

"Get your arse over here. You have a two hour timeslot to be with me, if not you can kiss goodbye to any D's with me". I didn't exactly shout it but from the gulp I heard the other end of the phone you knew something was up. You didn't even have time to respond before I hung up on you.

"Right you little fucker. Let the party begin!" I said to myself. I find it amusing to play with the mind as you well know so summoning you round, without giving you reason has you curious, frightened but inquisative all the same. Your want to please me totally has always been prominant in our relationship so far so I was sure that with my tone on the phone just then you'd be shitting yourself, wondering what it was you had done to get me angry enough to growl those words down the phone to you.

Little did you know what I had planned for you. This was going to be a night we would both remember for a very long time!

Just as you thought you had me worked out the boundaries seemed to be expanding. You knew I knew of your desires, none moreso than to please me. Your submission had shown itself before but I knew this would bring it out far more than your wildest dreams.

You don't particularly deal with the iconology of dressage but tonight will be different. I have chosen to wear one of my more seductive dresses ready for when you show up, one that will allow easy use of my strap on with you. A dress which is also wipe clean.

I hate to admit it but I have butterflies in my tummy knowing what you're coming into and you just a dribbling wreck at my feet when you arrive. This is such a turn on knowing I have you under a spell of sorts, your body mine to do with as I wish and as I need, selfishly so, rightly so.

Putting the finishing touches to my ensamble I realise I've not made another phone call, one which would be an important part of this evenings' adventure with you.

I dial the number and simple say." Delivery for nine O'clock please."

That's all that is needed on that front so now I can relax, knowing you will be walking through my door, into the unknown within a half hour.

A surprise knock makes me jump, red wine in hand that I'd managed to pour when getting ready and spills slightly down my dress, thank fuck I'd thought about wearing that instead of my normal clothes or I'd be fuming!

"Can I come in?" Comes a shakey voice from the doorway.

You've managed to not only come early but you chose to come without even getting tidied up from your day.

"Get yourself undressed and take a shower, christ you think coming to me in THAT state is going to lighten your load this evening? I think not.. Go, shower, now!" Before I could finish you had already got your clothes around you on the floor and are headed up the stairs.

The time is nearing half eight, I hadn't realised the time had gone so quickly.

"Come on, what are you doing up there? Only girls take that long fannying about!" With this I walked up behind you. You were just drying yourself down but you couldn't look me in the eyes.

We hadn't spoken apart from me barking the orders since you got here and for some reason you couldn't find your voice.

"Look at me" I insisted. Your head still bowed and it seemed like an automated response to sink to your knees.

"Look at me" I said more softly raising your chin with my fingertips. "Tonight is going to be special for the both of us. If you had have been later you'd have missed out on all the fun!". I smiled as you then looked me in the eyes with a certain disbelief. Like my Jeckill (sp) and Hyde had been absorbed into the nice me again.

"B..b but I was so worried I'd done something wrong" came a reply at long last. "I thought you wanted to call me here for.. Well I don't know what for.. The phonecall scared me"

With that I bent down and kissed you ever so gently on your lips and I'm sure I spyed a little wetness in your eyes.

I resumed my position above you and smiled. "You like home delivery, don't you? " I must have had a glint in my eye because you seemed unsure quite how to answer.

"Um.. Yeah?!?"

"Well I want to play before we get ours, we only have a little time so get your arse into my bedroom and assume the position!"

I don't think I'd been this blunt with you before but everything seemed to be going exactly as I'd imagined it to.

I walked in after you and saw you 'praying' by the side of my bed " you know your God won't help you here, bitch!" I said and tried my hardest not to laugh, failing miserably.

You looked round at that moment and caught sight of what I was wearing under my dress.

Looking at my watch I notice it is ten to nine "oh fuck" I say internally and hope you didn't feel any of my body language give it away.

I grabbed a small piece of rope which was ready and waiting and tied your hands behind your back. Your semi very obvious. You knew what was coming but instead i got you to turn round and suck it instead. You do give very good head so I'm gonna make you take it properly this time, and with that thought rammed it into your mouth, knowing it'd hit the back of your throat.

"Hummm.. How beautiful" I said.

Managing to control as much of your gag reflex as you could you just looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and I could see your tears. I stroked your face as you carried on, unaware that our delivery had come and was being prepared downstairs.

"Baby" I whispered, "close your eyes." No sooner had I said it but you did and you mouth continued bobbing with my cock.

I came. Was a wonderful feeling running through me but did my best to stay stood up. I managed it, thankfully.

As I withdrew I told you to keep your eyes closed and that I needed a minute to compose myself as that had to have been one of the best blowjobs you'd given me! Your body, just kneeling in front of me made my tummy twitch. This to me is romance. Here is a boy willing to do ANYTHING for me and doing so damned well at it too!

My concentration broke when I realised that I had something to remember.

"Just going to put some music on, think tonight may get a little noisy!" I giggled. "Keep those eyes shut!"

As soon as my music was playing I started stroking your face coming round to one side of you I stroked your cheek with my hand as you feel something very familiar touch your lips and you go to take it in your mouth.

It takes a couple of second before you realise that it isn't my cock now in your mouth but someone elses. Your eyes open for a flicker and I catch you doing so.

"Suck it, you little whore" I say to you calmly. "Show this nice man how well you give those blowjobs. Be a good boy for me."

Unable to move your arms and almost in an impossible situation you accept defeat and carry on sucking. His rythmn is slow to start with and gets a little faster.

"Slow down a little and let him enjoy this." I said to our delivery guy. " He needs to know just how to do it properly, but you also know that you mustn't come yet!" I continue to stroke your face for a little while and usher him to sit on the bed so I can bend you over. I lube my cock up ready and thrust into your aching arse and realise our guy needs to explode. "Nonono not yet, mister". I motion for him to take his cock out of your mouth and I carry on fucking you for a little while.

He comes round to my side and playfully touches

My neck. Knowing that you could hear my slight groan you look round just as he starts to kiss me.

Fucking you is awesome but being pleasure while i'm doing it is another thing entirely, and isn't quite what I'd set out.. But going with this flow is obviously good!! You can tell I'm near climax again as my thrusting gets a little more harsh. Our delivery guy had already unzipped my dress and is cupping my tits occasionally going down to suck on them too. This is too much for my body to handle without going into orgasm. You feel me thrust deep inside you and he catches me to hold me while I come through an almighty explosion, I rest on your back a little while and withdraw my cock from you.

"Don't move" I say through pants. "Don't move!'

I go to the bathroom and compose myself, knowing he is getting himself ready.

I come back in and sit in front of you. "Come on baby, now give me head!!" You eagerly oblige and start working your tongue over me and inside me. Your tongue feels so good against me that I loose track of what is meant to be happening, but only for a moment.

I motion him to lube himself up and you feel him come closer to you, from behind. Youlook up at me with a multitude of emotions but you don't utter a word. He slips right inside you and you bite on my cunt, making me jump and giggle at the same time. You both groan but I make sure you get your mouth back to what it should be doing.

I can feel every shake your body is having and can feel your eagerness by how your nibbling away at me. I look up and see his face and give him the prearranged nod to fuck you harder and to come as soon as he now can.

"Come on then my boys, make me proud!" Within a few seconds I am coming again, and can see that he is too. Using you completely.

Your body spent. His exhausted. Mine fulfilled. He goes downstairs and I lift your face to look at me.

"Baby, you're wonderful." Realising I can get away with it I also tell you how I feel. A magical moment. As you hold me closer than you've done before.

You look into my eyes. "Thank you"

Our hug becomes then more passionate than I though you had energy left and before I know it you've unzipped the rest of my dress and are making love to me. Slowly, deeply and holding me so close throughout.