Sunday, April 27, 2008

You know what you have to do

Bowing down before me again

Serves you right, you shouldn't have denied me

Your legs shaking and those balls of mine sore

You start that pathetic begging

"Please Mistress, No more"

"Whose choice is it anyhow?"

I reply to your whimper

"Yours, Mistress" as you fall to the floor

"Get up, you fucking little shit" I say with spite

"You know you shouldn't have flinched when I go for them, Right?"

"I know, I'm sorry it'll never happen again"

"Bollocks" I say "Open those legs better than then!"

I take another fist right into the air

I knock into those bollocks right hard and square

You double over with pain

and head bowed down

Your breathing is quick

Your face has a frown.

"Only another five more to go"

I say as I lift you again..

"Okay, lets go"

The adrenalin now pumping right through your veins

You know from tonight you will know how

Just what you're capable of recieving

The pain as it sores right through your shell

The realisation, you may be in hell

I take your shoulders into my hands

Then my knee lands gracefully in your glans

Your body convulses

Your eyes they flicker

Number four, five and six come even quicker

I feel your body start to relax

It has had enough..

But you still have two more! Bloody soft touch!

You know that you deserve everything you get

When you're naughty, you think you'll regret

But now you know just how it can be

When you flinch and disobey me

With a strike of my knee into your groin again

You fall slumped to the floor, nearly passed out

I then use my foot to give you the last

Your body it shudders

As though you have passed

But I see from your face

You're flying

You're spaced

I bend down to lift up your head

Cradle you and take you to bed.

I hold you while you come right back down

I watch your face as it blossoms and frowns.

You look upto me with such a wonderful sight

"Thank you Mistress, did I serve you right?"

"You did me proud, boy, You did so well.

Just don't do it again... "

I look down and see the balls swell


The Moment when

I bite your skin

and grab your balls

I see the look in your eyes.

Your face as it reddens

With the silky tie I have wrapped round your neck

And the clucking of your throat as you try and breath..

It takes my breath away seeing your eyes flicker

And the moment when you're just about to lose consciousness

I let go and allow you to breath

Making your body go into slight spasm

I take your length right up inside

And then use you for my own sexual fill

Grabbing again at the tie

Watching your face as you start to fly..

We both climax with an ecstacy of fulfilment

And I fall into your arms I realise

This is the moment when

I've fallen asleep on your chest

And you're still holding me close

I look back into your eyes,

I see such contentment and such love from you

And it is the moment when

I know you're mine.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Will be a sad day

Tomorrow I will be doing something I never thought I would ever have to do. It isn't something I'm particularly proud of either. Nor am I entirely happy about the decision. But the outcome cannot be a possibly any different.

Things always turn out okay though, for me anyhow. It is and will be the knock on effects from hereonin that will be something I have yet to figure out how to deal with.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conflicting emotions

Just as everything is going so perfectly I am tested

Just as I feel things are going my way

I have to take a hundred steps back

I feel sometimes life just takes it out of me

I don't know for what purpose as yet

But I know it likes to ensure my life is full of drama!

I have too much to do, and so little time to do it in.

Yet things still come my way and I feel asphyxiated

Everything will be fine.

All will become clear.

All be be fine.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I want your money

Please take this opportunity to donate to a worthy cause I have uploaded a widget thingy which allows you to see how well I'm progressing.

I am going to be running the London Marathon next year so to keep myself motivated I have decided to do a few shorter runs beforehand. The first of which is the race for life and you can sponsor me through or indeed if you see me in person you can hand me an envelope which will go straight into the fund. :-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Every cloud and it's silver lining

Some people call it fate, some just thank their right decisions. Either way when two people meet and for some reason there is a proper instant spark it works wonders for the ego.

I met him on the 11th March at the U35's Munch in Cambridge. He was undecided as to whether he should come along or not but he got there with a little directional help from one of the team.

Must admit I am usually quite professional when I do the events but his eyes caught mine on a couple of occasions that night. And I had to steal my stare from his.

It was just the following day I found a memo from him (after saying that I liked him to one of my friends) and that started the flirting. He makes me giggle and has managed to turn me red on a couple of occasions.

Our first outing was at one of the clubs I go to the following Saturday because someone had let me down with about an hour to spare.. so he stepped in last minute and we had a lovely evening together.

Managed to find someone who can take what I give and then some. I had a marvellous evening that evening. And we've been inseperable since really. It feels a little surreal to think we've been seeing each other for such a short time.. nearly a month. But sometimes you just know.. fate gives a helping hand I think.

Nearly everytime we have gone out it has been 'kink' related one way or another so yesterday we both forced ourselves to get out of bed and into real world. It was lovely, the weather was shit so I didn't end up taking him round where I wanted to take him. But he did buy me dinner in a nice italian restaurant. I haven't been taken out for dinner properly for a logn time.

I have been missing this whole relationship stuff for some time. I've not made any lie about it. But just never thought it would happen, well not for some time anyhow. But I think I have found someone. Someone who isn't married. SOmeone who isn't short-nor ginger- and someone who takes care of himself. It does seem too good to be true and I have to keep reminding myself just how nice it is to find someone who means it when he says certain things. Who likes me to do as I wish with him and the body which is now mine to do with as I like.

This one is a bit gushy but if I don't spill on here I may never start reminding myself just how mych we have done.. and have yet to do.


Inches, feet and the length of it all

I got him back to mine after what seemed to be a very short journey. The air was very cold and the moon was shining on us both but it felt as though we were both flying home.

As soon as we were in the front door it had dawned on him that he was in for punishment due to his inability to complete tasks and fuck up during the past few weeks.

I had made him write a short but informative report on all of the mistakes he had made and he handed this over to me so I could read it while he did some chores for me.

After the washing up he was instructed to make my dinner. Something quick which I had gotten him to get from Tesco's just after he got off the train. A nice light meal of pasta and garlic doughballs.

"You know your place" I said to him, my eyes ushering him into getting stripped and then beneath my feet so I can rest them whilst I ate.

He massaged my feet and generally relaxed me while I ate. It felt lovely, however it didn't click with him why I refused to let him take my plate out when I had 'finished' eating. I had left a few balls and some pasta. I wasnt going to let it go to waste.


"Are you hungry?" I said with a generally nice soft affectionate tone.

"Well yes, I am actually. I haven't eaten since lunch."

It was now about eleven at night so I did feel kinda sorry for him. SO I offered him my by that time very cold leftovers which he thanked me for. He was to eat from the floor, as that was his place. But first..

"I think that cold food needs warming up some. I think you should pour some of your sauce over it". I smiled.

His face was a picture. Wasn't really sure what I meant and was possibly dreading me saying the next few words.

"Well you decided to break your wank ban. Tonight you pay for that mistake. Spill your seed over this before you even think about touching it. And once you've cum you eat it up and lick the fucking plate clean you dirty little wanker!"

Now if I could have taken a picture of his face at this point you could understand what I meant by saying it was a picture in itself.

He started wanking himself off at this point and finally spilled his load over the cold food on my plate. Then when he realised what he was about to do. I could see him gagging just at the thought of the repulsive humiliation I had thought about all day for him. What a perfect way to treat a dirty little wanker than allow him to take back in what he had spilled.

He lay down before me and started licking and biting at the food. Thinking I couldn't see the gagging and trying to hold the vomit in. I could sense there were tears. But fuck it. He deserved this. How fucking dare he disobey a direct order??

I had never been so insulted before by someone taking the cock they had given to me into their own hands and dealt with it the way they thought appropriate.

It took him ages. And a lot of the time he regurgatated what he had taken into his mouth.

I used my foot to ensure he not only had the food and warm tickly cum in his mouth, but over his face too. I pressed his nose right into the plate making sure it was smothered over his cheeks too.

When he had finished he lifted his head and thanked me. I could see the redness of his eyes. He had definately been teary. Like it bothered me.

"Get that plate washed up and get me another drink!"

He took the plate, very heavy headed and walked out to the kitchen and washed it up. I allowed him to go wash his face afterwards. It was like watching a child after I had told him off. Was fantastic.

"Now go get a glass out of the kitchen" I told him hurridly. He wandered off and found himself a hiball tumbler.

"There you go, now you have something to fill." I said with a wide eyed smile. His eyes widened again. I am sure his mind was racing. He had already licked his own cum from the plate.. surely I was going to get him to drink however much he had.... or was I?

He started wanking again. Soon he had spilled his second load. This time into the glass. I kept getting him to do this every hour or so and the masturbation took longer and longer.

Through a few of the times I held one of my shoes to his mouth so he could deep throat the heel. I also helped him along the way with other verbal niceities :-)

He was such a dirty little wanker.

He managed seven times that night and managed to fill the glass just a half an inch up, if that. I think he was even thinking I'd make him drink it all the following morning, all congealed. Nah I'm not that mean. I just found the headfucking a turn on on this one.

Before we went to bed. I emptied his wallet. I made myself a little extra that night as he had forgotten to take out his own money. He shouldn't have been that stupid really.

I also found his buines card out.... I still have a want to use it. But I am not publically saying how I intend on doing so... well not until afterwards ;-)