Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SO so tired

Sometimes recently especially this last week or so I have been incredibly tired. I could sleep all day if B would let me.

I have started to get PMT which for me until three months ago was unheard of so I know my hormones have definately taken a huge battering this last couple of years. Not so Fair on D ad he has come into my life when my body seems to be failing me. But he is persevering.

At the moment I am quite happy being in my own company, could be a sign of age or could be the PMT thing going on. But I can be very offish with a lot of people. Sometimes to be fair it is needed. Some people I am too polite sometimes. I should say what should be said and not just bluff any issues. It just takes the outragious hormone levels to get me to do so.

Recently life seems good. My boy accepted my proposal of a full collar (just a case of saving to get it now and doing the whole ceremony of sorts with it too). And we are progressing really well as a couple. Something, for years I had been doubtful would happen. His family seem to like me and my family (the ones he is allowed to meet ;-)) seem to like him too.

B is so much better than he has ever been. His maturity is really showing itself more and more as time goes by. If I had been told three years ago when ripping my hair out, that I would have a child as good as he has turned out to be I really didn't think it would be true. He is wonderful to be around now. I miss him terribly when he is at school now, I don't often dread those phone calls which I did before.

SO if anyone has a cure for extreme fatigue.. please send your answers on a postcard and winning tip will win... well me with more bounce :-D


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All loved up and nowhere to go

Thats right, I think I can say I have found some of that love stuff. He (with all his faults) is perfect for me. We laugh like laughter is going out of fashion. We have had to go through things in the short time we've been together that not a lot of people go through in a lifetime.

I think I'm in love, well and truely. Our vanilla life and our D's life is ever evolving and seems so compatable.

It has only been five months or thereabouts. But it feels right. You lot who have followed me through from the beginning know I wouldn't say this if I didn't think it to be real but it really is just perfect.

There are things he has done for me in the last few months, no previous boyfriend nor lover would even contemplate. There are things he has done for me which he has done for no other and will never do for anyone else. My heart swells. I try not to look into his eyes when I am angry with him because all I want to do is stare. Stare into his glistening blue eyes. Have him tell me that he loves me. Have him hold me in his arms.

It's upchurningly tragic. I know. But whatever ;-)

The guy has been a hero for me in so many ways. and I don't tell him how I feel too often. But it doesn't change the how I do feel. I love the guy so much.

Now to offset all this disney stuff with bad stuff... well you got to offset the balance ;-)

cunt bugger bollocks wankstains and all :-D

Making love, not fucking war

The evening went so well

My boy being just him

A bit naughty a bit shitty

But I saw his eyes sparkle and shine

He gets a grope and a kiss from a few

The passion he shows to others really comes through

He kisses and gropes most people he meets

He makes me so proud, I'm so pleased he is mine

He has agreed to be my submissive FULL TIME

I proposed to him through mail

He will be collared, a proud mistress I'll be

To hold him close, to kiss him tenderly

To finish the day on such a high

We'll go upstairs to consumate and fly

I'll lay him down and sit upon his chest

Kiss him tenderly and with each heavy breath

Make love to him until we're completely spent

Me in his arms completely content.