Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

As I buttoned up my slightly see through white shirt I hear J's car pull into the drive.

Fuck, he is 20 minutes early.. he shouldn't have been here yet. I still have a few things to prepare.

He hadn't realised but we had been seeing each other for a year now, tonight was our anniversary. I had something very special planned for us to celebrate.

A long day at work, I thought should be rewarded with something a little out of the ordinary.

He hadn't known that whilst he was at work, slogging hard for the bills and my expensive taste in clothes I was hard at work entertaining people in my own way. Today had been no different. I had F round, someone who I hadn't seen for some time but he had just come off of holiday and his body was nicely tanned. He had been using the time away to soak up the sun, swim and tone his gorgeous body up.

We had both been ringing and texting each other through the fortnight vacation of his, readying him for our day today. I couldn't wait to see him. He gave me such pleasure and I can never get enough of him when he is here.

F had turned up at mine today just after eight, an hour after my lover had gone to work. He turned up with the chocolates and the expensive wine I asked him to get for me from his holiday, that was a speciality for the region. SO I could only have these things every six months while he was out there.

Within moments of his arrival I had F upstairs where we were ravishing each others bodies and lost in the moment, which seemed lasted more than a moment. But I had missed him completely.

The sound of the car in the drive was enough to bring me back to earth with a slight bump.

I look out the window and hurry F to get dressed and downstairs while I go greet my lover outside to allow F some time to compose himself.

"Have you been busy today?" I'm asked- I am sure I am still flushed from having to rush downstairs. Certainly obvious I have been upto something he hasn't been involved in.

"Yeah, but I have a surprise for you too" I smile as I lead him into the living room where F is sat.

"Why is HE here?" J asked. Not knowing anything but starting to realise that a jigsaw piece had finally slotted into the final gap of a puzzle.

"I thought I would surprise you," Say I, grabbing the back of a dining chair and shoving him onto it, securing his arms and hands to the back of the chair with the stockings I had been wearing previous to F ripping them off of me a few hours earlier. "You know it has been coming for some time.. I just think tonight will be the night"

He gulped. He realised what I had been telling him about for the past few months was finally coming into a reality. Far more lifelike than what I had been threatening him and with someone he had already met.

I tied his feet and legs to the chair too so the only way he would be able to move was by shuffling the chair.

I lifted my skirt and the stained knickers I was wearing confirmed the thoughts he was thinking. They were full of mine and F's mixed juices. I pulled them off and stuff them in J's mouth, he tasted and smelled what both F and I had been upto during the day.

Through muffled gasps and his eyes glistening. Almost teary but also widening knowing that his worst fears, but also his darkest fantasies were about to become a reality.

I went over to F, he had been told about this evening quite some time ago, but he hadn't realised that it would be now that we would be acting this desire of mine out.

I walked over to F, making sure J could see the look in my eyes but never looking at him again from when I shoved the knickers into his mouth.

Slowly, I straddled F as he sat on the sofa. His eyes met mine and we kissed. It was even more exciting than I had dreamt about. Having J watching us, knowing he could do fuck all about it. Me with my extra lover kissing passionately. I could feel F's erection through his trousers and I could feel my wetness growing unbearable.

I took my hands down to release his buldging cock from out of it's trappings and released it. After the use it had I am surprised F was able to sustain yet another superior toy for my use. J just watched, it was as though a porn video had become 3D in our living room. With added benefit of exchanged pheramones, smells of sex and body heat just surrounding us all.

I glanced over and J's erection was extremely prominent but he didn't notice me look.

With F's body twitching I took his length into me and with what we had done today my body was already primed for a huge orgasm rush just from his cock going in me. It didn't take too long for us to be riding in time with each other. F ripped my buttoned shirt apart at the front, exposing my red chest and my very blood pumped breasts. F bent his head down to suckle on a nipple, nibbling it and making my body shudder I was in a mind blowing orgasm again. I coudl feel the whole of my body heat up and then I slumped as the orgasm took a hold. F held me, still pumping his cock in and out of me until I came round and as soon as I had he too came.

It was out of the ordinary. It seemed he would never stop squirting his warm juice into me. My body was out of control shuddering away. We kissed until our bodies had finally calmed down. Such tenderness and a great fuck. J could see just how much F pleased me. He could seee F's body against mine and everything we had just done together but it wasn't over.

I got up from F dripping both of our mess and took out the knickers from J's mouth. usshered F to come over and I put F's dick into J's mouth, after all it needed cleaning, didn't it?

"I want to see that cock completely clean, do you hear me?" My voice was still husky post orgasm and it seemed to kick start F again into what turned out to be a wonderful erection, yet again. J must have been doing too good a job of cleaning him up... But what a beautiful sight it was to see my J sucking suck a glorious huge cock with F getting so much post coital pleasure from it too..

"I think you have forgotten something." I suddenly felt a huge amount of cum run down my leg. I got F to help me lay J down backwards enabling me to sit on J's face and get him to clean all the mess inside me up too.

I helped F get back his erection. J had done a good job of getting it hard so I just had to help him sustain it, didn't I? ;-)

As my horniness was at bursting point, seeing F's cock as hard as it could be, and knowing all three of us were turned on, I left J on the floor and allowed him to watch me fuck F again in front of him, doggy style, so he could see right where F was putting his huge dick into me. My cunt was dripping, soaking wet. They had both got me very very wet and my juices started spraying out over both F and shooting over J's face too.

There was no way on earth I could tell how long this went on for but it seemed to last a long time. I do remember coming round with my body tingling and F still fucking me from behind, it is a good job I was secure on my knees and elbows. Our bodies collapsed as F shot his load, once again into my already full body. I pointed to J and F, shakily, untied him. J got up from his half laying half sitting position and hungrily lapped all the juices from us. I don't think I would have ever produced as much ejaculate as I did that evening and neither did poor F. We were both completely spent.

After J had finished cleaning us up he took himself off into the kitchen and made us all a nice hot sugary cuppa.

See.. I can train boys to do a good job :-D