Sunday, February 24, 2008

A private moment

One of those moments when you know exactly why he is there.

But does he?

A moment between the two of them that will always be a shared memory. They already have a song to remind them of an experience which elated him.

There is always a thin line when you meet someone and you are hopeful of the situation but then are also aware it is a limited existance.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I try and I think of what will be next

I know not of what I'll do

But it just feels quite nice when we as one

Even for that moment, or few

There is something,

Which is seeming to be

Like quick sand, something pulling you to me

I don't know as yet how it will work

I've been trying to think of you, trying not to smirk

But you have something, something I'd like to draw out.

Something I want to persure, with you theres no doubt.

But I am so unsure of how the 'us' will be

Not as in marriage or even in babies

But in the D's and this way of life

I want to be able to give you good times, no strife

Of growing and of burning those ropes, leave marks behind

I want you to feel, to have moments of more

Just before you go, before you walk through my door.

"Until we meet again, my boy" I'll pray

We will get to that point where you say,

"Green, Marina Please do as you will

My body, my mind are there should you still

Want to mark upon me that mark of your lust

That mark that signifies all we have done, all that you must

Show to me through whatever means you like

To take my body through dthe day and through night

To take away each of my layers, rip me to the core

To show me what life can entail

Show me that and much more

ANd when you are done, and I'm stipped completely bare

You'll hold me a while, Just hold me right there.

You'll build me up and get the best out of me.

You'll take hold of my hand as I stumble, perhaps fall

You'll take me and raise me and I'll be your all.

I so want to be that person I've dreamt

ALl these years such time I have spent

Searching, trying to find what I am

Hoping to find that person underneath this facade, this sham

I want to be free of the confines that bind

I want to be born again and feel like I'm free.

I want YOU to be the one who lets me be ME".