Sunday, February 11, 2007

Graspop!!!! OTHER EVENTS

I have a few events lined up for this year as well as going to get myself along to other BDSM events which i hadn't had chance, for one reason or another, to go to last year. Yes anyone going along wanting to offer me a lift or has a spare ticket, get in touch ;)

SO what I have planned for this year so far. Mail me through ?? if you're interested in coming to any or want further info on any of them!!

Feb 25th Cambridge BONDAGE Workshop Man on The Moon Pub, Cambridge
March 24th/25th CK2 Plus alternative Fayre
May 5th Jason Donovan Tour (real memory stuff) Cambridge Corn Exhange
May27th Strap on, insertable Workshop Cambridge
June 1st-4th Disneyland for B's birthday
June 10th BBQ AT MINE for kinky folks
June 21st-25th GRASPOP Belgium ROCK/METAL festival with my good mate Mosh
June 30th/1st july CK3 + Fayre + MEGA MUNCH :)
August 26th SKIN penetration -needles, knives etc- WORKSHOP Cambridge
Sept 22nd CK4 +alternative fayre
Oct 22nd half term BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY PISS UP, HAIR DOWN (any donations greatfully recieved for this ;))
Nov 25th Sensation WORKSHOP cambridge canes, floggers food etc. Cambridge
Dec 29th CK5 Finale to 2007 and seeing in the new year with our last play party of 2007!!!!

You will also find me every month at the ROSE AND CROWN newmarket road Cambridge for the Cammunching events. Look out on IC and EABDSM yahoo group for notices for all involved.

THIS YEAR is busy... but I only get to be 30 once, I'm gonna make the most of it all :D

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

That was about as long as he could go lol

Well I gave my 'boy' a month, he didn't last a week properly, I had some lovely things to give him and plan s for this evening but i knew,, and I'd even told a friend today that I had the feeling he was gonna bail on me. Well I got a text basically saying he couldn't be arsed making commitment even on a play level. Not really much hope of anything else. I do hope he finds someone he can grow with, but for me, the search is on again... But I have found myself a very very sweet domestic. :) Holly is someone I got on very well in person with today and I look forward to dealing with her regularly, She seems sweet :)