Sunday, February 22, 2009


As you walk through my doorway I reach for the bindings to enfold you. You stay still while your blindfold is placed on you and your arms forcefully tied behind your back.

I stand in front of you and slap your face. You gasp. "You didn't expect that did you?" I giggle. You're at my mercy. Pah mercy?? fuck all those niceities. You're mine.. don't go thinking you can cry out for your words will not be heard.

I collect the blade in my hand and with a swift motion your t'shirt is cut from your torso.. a seating nervous torso. I release the belt that holds your trousers and they soon come down too exposing your rather large buldge. "You're rather excited at not knowing what is about to happen, aren't you?" He hears me come closer to him and motion his legs apart with my knee... and with one forceful bolt it lands in his groin.. with him unsure whether he should stand and bear it or if he should go with what his body is screaming to tell him and to fall to the floor. He stands firm. Red faced-breathing fast.

Another knee to the groin ensures he is on the floor without a moment to realise what has happened. "Stop making those noises, bitch!" I say as he lays there, quivering, I roll him onto his tummy and hoist his feet upto his thighs and quickly bind them. Grinning at how pathetic he looks. I wrap some more rope from his thigh bindings to his tied arms.

His body is shaking, from nerves? From pain? What the hell.. It looks fantastic. He is trying to wriggle free... a quick foot movement from me onto his neck soon stops him from moving too much. "Stupid shit, stop fucking wriggling!" He knows I could crush his throat at any moment. He does as he is told immediately.

A still, sweaty body is beneath me. A pool of spittle falls from my lips into his face.. I can see his lips open and his tongue try and catch the fall. "Who told you you could taste that?" His mouth closes again and he gulps. I get down to my knees and slap his face again. "Don't you EVER do anything without my say so.. who DO you think you are?? No don't answer I don't want to hear your voice. This is MY time, not yours."

I lift his body so he is now on his side. I get my blade again and run it's cold length firstly from his chest over his nipples, he quivers, and then back up towards his throat. "SO you Dare order my time then do you?" I spit in his face. "My time is precious. Now I am going to use my time wisely with you... "

I always tell them to be careful of what they wish for...

I leave him laying there. I walk out to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine. It has been opened for a few hours. I had been waiting for the little shit for a few days, bloody cancelling on me and then ordering that I should give him the time to 'make it up to me'. How many times have I heard him give me that bullshit before. But today... he pays..