Friday, December 09, 2005


These things only happen once a year and for some reason I think this next year will bring me luck.. not sure why I have this feeling.. but things cannot really go much worse.. so here's wishing myself good luck and a happy new year in my life!!

I woke positive this morning. A good mate of mine MOSH donated some pennies to SIDS. And I have been inundated with people just being bloody nice today.. Friends and family, thats what life is TRUELY about, NOT what someone can BUY you or anything.. just having them there.. makes life so much more worthwhile!

So thank you to one and all.

Friday, December 02, 2005

God bless vanilla people :)

Am off to a Ann Summers party tonight.. god bless them... what HAVE they gotten themselves into? lol bless lol

Birthday time is creeping up again

Thats right, I am advertising again.. very shameful but hey, I can start not caring as with age comes really good experience and an amazing amount of friends who are just gagging for a piece of me lol Well maybe not gagging but trying to sort out nights with all the diverse groups I have which I class as very good friends can be a little hard to do, but looks like my next few weekends are pretty much taken up now with doing stuff :) But alas this fun isn't including fellas.. not that it is including girls as such, just not anything intimate.. so wait for the new year and I can start having ME time again :)

So again.. if ya fancy wishing me Happy Birthday :O) feel free.. you have until the NINTH to do so :d lol shameless eh??