Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ok. ten and a half weeks with nothing..

So now I am starting to get randy feelings again... bollocks that I aint got a fella to sort me out though.. Oh well BOB will have to make me smile tonight :o)

I will use my favourite little man.. the double intruder.. He is my favourite and well, he makes the others in my box extremely jealous with all the affection and attention he receives.

I think I will just have to imagine someone being extremely careful with me and stroking my body all over so very softly.. kissing and caressing all the way down to my navel, gently kissing my belly button.. getting me to climax that way. then going back upto my already extremely erect nipples.. teasing with his tongue and fingers this way always helps me out.. Then looking into his imaginary eyes.. teasing him also with my looks (apparently I have a "naughty" look on my face) and use my fingers and start stroking my Labia.. feeling the warmth wetness drip out of my moist wantent pussy..

The start to caress my clit as though I was being teased generously by my lover.. making me moan and groan and just as I am not really expecting it I will cum, It does happen quite by accident sometimes.. then I start convulsing and am ready for more finger action.. this way I can start to get my hole ready for a bit of something a bit bigger and firmer..

Bob.. he has now come to my rescue as I turn the dial so the vibrations start as fast and as wild and keeping in the same rhythm as I have been.. he enters me.. starting carfully.. and building up spead. I loose count how many times I have orgasmed. I then slump and fall asleep, quite pleased of my little bit of excersise for the day :o)

Just a quikie.. getting ready for Mr Soon. I just hope he can match BOB.. :)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Play mates

I have now been without any kinda proper play for TEN weeks.. someone suggested that I would explode, I guess usually I probably would. I haven't even played recently by my lonesome. I can count on one hand the amount of intimate times I have had with myself. But it hasn't actually bothered me one bit.. I have been talking with a few guys.. a lot of whom are offering me their services.. both in vanilla encounters and also as serving toys. With all this on offer makes me feel as though I am in need, but I think it is more to do with me being who and what I am, rather than me being in search of something inparticular.

Dommes are so inundated with requests. I never really appreciated that until I joined my local BDSM group (which I have mentioned previously). The guys just seem to think you have available time for each and everyone of them, when in reality I just don't and have had to be very particular in my selection of my toys.

I have one guy who is under my wing right now and we are planning our first play session. This guy is a very gentile and kind caring guy. Who I may add is in a relationship. This is one of the main factors which prompted me to want to use him for a while as his girlfriend has given us her blessing. This way I keep my hand in so to speak and also not have to worry about anything becoming complicated. I am not sure if I can offer anyone anything full-time, whether it be girlfriend or full-time Domme due to my responsibilities of homelife. So this situation suits me and him just fine.

I think I am now back in the want of writing again. This ceased because of a few things going on.. as it happens sometimes. But I think I may have just needed some me time and not being constantly on here.

Well just be aware there may be some more of the good stuff coming shortly :o)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Illnesses.. who needs em??

There always seems to be something that gets in my way.. the last month it has been the FLU bug. I think I have only just gotten over a good two weeks worth.. still with trails of coughing and runny noses.. and now as soon as I think the worst is over.. My son comes down with it...

I think someone somewhere has a curse laid out for me lol