Tuesday, March 27, 2007


wiltshireplayslave (12:14 AM): hello
MistressMarina (12:16 AM): hi,
wiltshireplayslave (12:17 AM): not doing to good am i
wiltshireplayslave (12:18 AM): do you always charge
wiltshireplayslave (12:18 AM): or you do free sessions to
MistressMarina (12:19 AM): this depends if the guy isn't whinging nor whining about notb eing given what he wants
wiltshireplayslave (12:21 AM): whinging
wiltshireplayslave (12:21 AM): people keeps saying that
wiltshireplayslave (12:21 AM): no just trying to make things clear
MistressMarina (12:22 AM): it is whinging, keep saying why they nto wanting me.. whywywhy... no self concious non pro would go for it.
wiltshireplayslave (12:22 AM): i would like a domme to intensely torture me for her soul amusement
MistressMarina (12:22 AM): i'd charge you for a session but you have most definately not caught my interest ,
wiltshireplayslave (12:23 AM): then why are you talking to me
MistressMarina (12:24 AM): because i am polite.
MistressMarina (12:24 AM): but it may not be for much longer
wiltshireplayslave (12:24 AM): polite or talking
wiltshireplayslave (12:26 AM): well i have nothing to offer you but my endurance to suffering at your pleasure
MistressMarina (12:26 AM): both
wiltshireplayslave (12:30 AM): ok guess i blown it with you to
wiltshireplayslave (12:30 AM): i be doing well at upsetting everyone today
MistressMarina (12:30 AM): learn social skills, something it seems you're completely oblivious about
wiltshireplayslave (12:31 AM): social skills are boring
wiltshireplayslave (12:32 AM): you know if anyone actually said yes i would be worried

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

we had an evening... of sorts

He came to mine round about nine, and he bought a lovely bottle of my usual.

Come in, I said hurridly. We both knew why he came round.

We been texting for about two hours up until this point both of us knowing where the bottle of wine would lead.

We'd only been texting/chatting prior as he'd phoned me as a wrong number and I'd fallen for his voice, there was just something about it which made my tummy flutter in excitement. When I hear a lovely accent I do like to have a bit of a flirt, it's the same with those blasted sales men. If they have a nice voice they are likely to get me into conversation (never make a sale mind ;)).

I had told him about the things I like, wines, food, music etc, it seemed the last few years of my life and his too had been spoken about in these two hours, he'd had a messy breakup recently and was kinda wanting a bit of attention and I'd just been lonely for some time.

I offered him come comfort and a nice cuddle in bed. Although both of us knew that it was to be more than that.

After he came into my house. I took the wine off him and poured it into two glasses, "just throw your coat over there" I said pointing to the bannister. "take this and go make yourself comfortable upstairs"

He didn't need telling twice, he had gone upstairs taking his and my wine and placed mine just by my bed.

I followed a little while afterwards, after making sure that underneath the silky robe I had recently bought was a nicely smooth lot of skin for him to get his hands on.. eventually.

No sooner than we emptied the wine than we were passionately kissing, I didn't have much t be undressed by but I hadn't realised hed already started showing my nakedness. It didn't take long for me to strip him down, and I was mightly impressed with what I felt and saw.

His body was so toned not overly muscly, but I couldn't tell of any fat deposit anywhere. His eyes were just glowing not sure if it was the wine or knowing what was coming next.

I straddled his lap and whilst doing so pushed his ripened torso flat onto the bed, I bend over and started kissing him again. This was such a good feeling, having this almost stranger in my bed. Under me and not knowing really what would be coming next.

Whilst I was kissing him I slowly moved my hands down to his and clasped my fingers within his. started stroking them and then grabbed hold of his wrists, gently though, so not to arouse anything other than his manhood. But I raised his hands over his head and held onto both of his wrists with one hand while reaching down for some aptly placed rope which I accidently forgot to put away earlier on in the day ;)

To his surprise he was bound without warning. :) His hands to the top of my bed and while he was realising what I had done I was tethering his ankles one to each side of the bottom of my bed.

"Deliscious", I said.

He looked at me as if to say, go on then,do your worst... and also with a hint of OH FUCK, what have I got myself into??

His dick was throbbing by now and the pre-cum was oozing, even though with the worry of what may come next it was also starting to become less erect. So, using the tiny bit of wine which was nestled at the bottom of the bottle, I poured it over his gorgeous body and started to lick it off.

He could have come in that instant really but I had to stop myself taking him that far, for then anyhow.

I could see the begging in his eyes for me to take him. But I just sat and giggled. He did look fabulous there. Still with beads of sweat on his forhead and still dripping in the wine which had been spilt over his gorgeous frame.

I had no need to gag him I think words just escaped the feelings he was experiencing. All new to him, and I knew it. This boy hadn't been introduced into my world before. I thought he needed cheering up after the crap his ex put him through so it only intensified my want to allow him to enjoy every single moment.

His eyes closed and within second I had blindfolded him he was uttering some sort of primative native tongue by this point which in turn turned me on even more. His arousal was so intense that even if I blew on his cock he'd have exploded.

I did remember howevere that the last time I got a guy to sensatised I had to stop playing as any slight touch sent him orgasming lol SO I allowed this boy to calm down, ever so slightly.

I found my feather and started teasing his body with tingles and slight sensation, he was wrigling and ever so lovely. All I wanted to do was get him inside me and feel that explosion. But in order for fulfilment some thigns have to be sacrificed......

LIKE FUCK it did :D I was on him soon enough and we were both experiencing the shudders and explosions from both sides. He was still helpless tied up on my bed and I was just riding him stil long after he came first time. That poor boy didn't know what hit him.

I still to this day dont know what he was thinking but I can be sure he enjoyed everymoment, oh and I maybe forgot to say that that was his first ever time of multiple orgasms :D

This girl done good :-D

Monday, March 05, 2007

Feeling fruity

Today I looked at it long and hard,
I just wanted to have it in me,
I took it in two hands and starting,
But I didn't stop myself fighting,
I surrounded the shaft with, both hands gripped
I made it enter my mouth just so,
I took one nibble and then a bite
What a lovely taste it was too
To have it melt in my mouth with all that flavour
I wanted so much filling me now
But unfortunately I came to the end
My banana had been finished! My craving is no more..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

He came, we went, we did ;)

We had been talking for sometime each of us knowing where it could lead but neither of us actually knowing it would really happen.

Both of us like the control and knowing sometimes what is going to happen is the knowledge that nothing is planned.

He came to pick me up at a very public place. I got into his car and he just drove, wether he knew where he was going or not didnt bother me at all. I know I trust this lad and I know what will happen will be what we both want/need have been longingly waiting for.

I felt a hand on my knee as he started to massage it with his hand, it started going further up to my thigh, very carefully and gently. Slightly pinching every place he touched also just with a hint of masterful control. We were silent, no words, no communication apart from the hands... they seemed to be going further and further towards my, by then, aching pussy.

He could smell my excitement and it excited him further. This is something I'd not done before but it was kinda pre-arranged. Strange when fantasies turn into a reality. But seem far more intense.

His hand stopped short of my crotch which made me groan just at the thought of what his strong independant hands could be doing otherwise.

He had to change gear.. I just sighed.

After we turned into the turning he started undoing my top. I stayed as relaxed as possible, also knowing that any car which passed us would be able to see what was happening. This added to my excitement very much.

He could smell the dampness, it was so predictably unpredicable for two people who had never been intimate before to have something like this happen. I'm not usually an exhabitionist but I wasn't worried. If people saw then good luck to them and I hope it proved good viewing.

His hand slipped into my bra and started massaging my breast, gently but demanding. As if to try and pop it at one point. He felt my nipples harden and heard my stifled groan. I was attempting not to let him hear but it was no good.

He tweaked my nipple VERY hard. I came. He had a little bit of a wobble with the stearing wheel but nothing to cause anyone else on the road to think anything was up. Bastard. I was soaking. I quickly put his hand onto the gear stick. Still not saying a word I felt across to his crotch where his dick was so very hard and had to let it free... of course, wasn't fair just allowing him to tease 'me' now was it??

I started stroking him with a very gentle soft stroke to start with, this is when he thought it best to stop. I think he found where he intended to get to anyhow but I know he also couldn't take it any more. We were at a very quiet, out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere, place. We were both breathing so very heavily now and he leaned in to kiss me. I went into kiss him back and whilst doing so, undid my seatbelt and backed away from his soft lips. I whispered the first conversation we had had since he picked me up:

"come on.. let me see how fast you really are!"

There was still a little bit of good light left outside and I left him fumbling his seatbelt off as I got out the car and started running. keeping check on him at all times making sure he wouldn't actually loose me.. also making sure that it wouldn't be a fruitless chase, afterall I, needed him to have energy still :)

He chased me for what seemed like twenty mintues me ducking in and out of the trees and him searching like some caveman after his fuckpiece.

He caught me. We both had scratches from the run and we were both a little out of breath. He held me up against a tree and kissed me. It was so passionate. His hands were so strong I was taken by the moment. He went to rip the knickers off me (which incidently I 'forgot' to put on) and found a very very wet pair of lips which were inviting his hands to finger me. This point both of us were groaning and kissing madly.

As his fingers good the better of me I found myself screaming in delight. He had to hold me so I didn't fall whilst in constant orgasm. I noticed there was no light now, But we didn't need light for where we were going.

While he held me I felt his penis throbbing against my thigh so promtly undid his trousers so it was in front of me in all it's glory. Apart from the groans there was little else said. He raised me onto his hips and fucked me as though we we nothing more than animals. He made me come so many times I lost count and by the time he climaxed he was soaken through with my juices shooting all over him while in me.

His head lifted towards the sky as he throbbed his spunk into me. The animalistic urge for noise just took us both to another level. He relaxed slightly into my chest as we both came down from the high that we'd just been on, Both saturated in each others juices.

Both smelling of sex we were grinning like mad people.

We got dressed and made our way back to the car. Still not saying a word.

We had a very silent and very easy drive home just smelling and thinking about what we had just done. How wonderful it is to be spontanious.

I kissed him tenderly as he dropped me off home and he then went home.

Who knows.. it may happen again.. it may just be a one off. But it was good :)