Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Chase

His eye started to see what was about him., He started to blink as though he could recognise what it was he saw, even thoiugh he was still very hazy.

"Get up" I demanded. He stil wasn't actually sure who I was but did as I said.

"You have an hour, you can either hide and we will find you or you can find your way out of this site and escape, the choice is yours. Now go!"

He really didn't quite comprehend what I had said until I pushed him into the wooded area. He started to run. Totally disillusioned stil not really able to see properly.

As he left us in the distance I could see he was running into the trees every so often and falling over. His tied arms not giving him any protection at all.

"He will be fine.." said I to the rest of the group as we sat down for a glass of wine. We intended to make the little bitch suffer but .. we may as well chill out a while.

The time went by and I had not heard a peep for a while now so I had assumed he had found his way through the brambles.. (obviously he hadn't reslised that the whole area was totally contained. The area surrounded by an ultimate high fencing system and barbed wire something which he would never be able to figure out especially in his state.)

I knew even if he were to run for a few hours he would still be contained. I wasn't worried.

But finding him, now would be the key. I doubt he would have hidden in the warehouses his mind wasn't of that thinking. I had made sure of that. But I also didnt know the area particularly well. My colleagues for the day, however were practiced in this kind of setting. I was just innocently along for the ride ;-)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Making him pay

"Where the fuck are we?" He hissed through his teeth. I had only just about heard him say it under the sack cloth that encompased his pitiful face.

I dragged him by his tied elbow out of the van and soon had him on his knees in front of me.

The sun was shining brilliantly and as I wipped the sack from his head he became blind. Tears started streaming down his face. He was trying to see who it was that had bundled him into the back of his own van. All the journey there was silence and he was scared. Very scared.

"Pathetic. You useless piece of shit! You really shouldn't have fucked me off. Now you will pay!" With that I spat in his face, saliva starting to mix with his tears.

He had been driven from the pick up point for around five hours. He hadn't seen the light of day since six in the morning... christ he had only just about to get into his van to go to work when I had, along with my acomplaces grabbed a hold of him, tied him up and bundled him into his own van.

The driver did as he was told and drove as 'normaly' as he could away from the scene so as not to raise suspicion.

He had had a full day of work ahead of him that he wasn't going to get to now. How he will explain this one away to his superiors afterwards is his problem. He really shouldn't have done it. He had been warned. And now he has to pay the price.

A quick slap, hard and forceful, to his face soon had his attention.

I stood in front of him in my menacingly alluring uniform I had obtained from the army store and wore a balaclava so as to hide myself a little. He was still very shaken up and was as scared as he could possibly be. My boots being that of a sargeants and being a little grubby from the mud when I pulled him from the van.

"Please, what do you want with me?" He started to plead.

I slapped him again, harder the other side of the face.

"You do NOT talk unless you are asked to, GOT IT?"

He nodded. He was still trying to get some sort of vision but when the sunlight still beaming upon his face all he could 'see' was my shape through very hazy eyes. Underneath my mask I was smiling. I had never seen this confident little shit so fucking scared in all the time I'd known him. Little did he know what lay in store.

I pulled my machette from my belt and held it right next to his adams apple. The blade so cold against his sweaty skin. I held my face close to his. Close enough, if he had any sense, to smell me and realise who I was. But I guess he wasn't expecting this. After all.. we had only ever spoken about it in pretence. Ha. That'll teach the little fucker. I chuckled to myself under my breath.

As I drew my blade across his throat I saw a darkened patch appear between his legs. He'd pissed himself.

"You dirty fucking shit!"

His tears from the sunlight now turning into sobbing. But a manly sob, trying not to show that this was the case.

I rubbed the grubby boots into his groin to wash the mud off and leave the horrid muddy stain between his legs. "Now it looks as though you have shit yourself too, doesn't it?" I laughed.

I lifted his head again with my knife so he was facing my face even if it was in the direct sunlight. Held his head there whilst I took the blade down his front and ripped the shirt from his torso.

His shoulders held back and his face now looking very sorrowful. Just the sight I adore. That'll show him for being an arrogant bastard. How fucking dare he do what he did?

We were in an unused building site. Warehouses all around us completely empty. With woodland around those buildings. It seemed that there hadn't been any signs of life there for quite some time, I knew we wouldn't be interrupted. Bar the odd rabbit and rat we, the four of us, were alone. The nearest residential area was a good hours drive away. Noone around to hear any screams. Perfect.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

If you go down to the woods today...

Be sure not to wander too close to a couple looking intimate... or you may find out more about the birds and bees, well more than I guess people would like to know ;)

There are times I fantasise about certain things. There are times when surprises happen, as in off the cuff things. There are times when plans are laid out and are acted upon in the next meeting of people.

I like them all in varying degrees.

D is just an absolute wonder to have around and I don't think I tell him enough just how much he means to me, even after this very short time of being together. It may be too soon to feel as though I'm falling in love with someone but you know what? I am. Since we first decided to give it a go I have had to really get to grips with someone actually wanting to be with me for more than what it is I do. It is very unusual for someone to honestly want me as much as I want them. Usually it is for their ends to be met and mine.. well I have settled for second best providing them with their titillation and enjoyment. Not saying I didn't enjoy being with them it just felt at times I was allowing them their fantasies without really properly going with my own. ANd I haven't in the recent years had someone of my own. Someone who isn't married, nor partnered. SOmeone with no baggage. Someone who is totally and utterly besotted with me.

D fell in love with me very quickly and it is taking time for me to really appreciate this. We have very good communication channels and he has been one of the most supportive partners I have ever had. I can put hand on heart and really say that I dont' think I have ever had anyone this supportive. Issues recently have meant we have had to be more vanilla than not. And we have found that we are able to deal with each other perfectly confortably in both settings.

I have introduced him to my son. My son refers to him as either 'the man who farts a lot' or 'the long/tall man'. He likes him. :-) But again it took me a while to want to introduce them to each other. They both seem to be perfectly at ease... which is nice considering I haven't introduced B to anyone for a few years and as he is getting older now I really don't need his life more screwed up than it is with his behaviour as it is. D and B get along like siblings at times and it is hard to figure out who to tell off first. But it really is a wonderful thing they seem to have started.

I am feeling confident enough to blog now I think. I am saying openly on here I think I have found someone I intend to spend quite some time with and him, me. We both seem to gel easily in our play. He responds so wonderfully when I have done things to him. He wears my semi permanant brands and has recently been given my probationary collar. Only the second collar of it's kind from me I have actually given in the time I have been D's aware. He is working towards a permanent collar. I have yet to properly get a system in place where he will be earning the rewards needed to obtain this. But I can see it happening :)

I am so very proud of my boy. My whore. My slut. That I find myself watching his face when I abuse his body as I see fit and watch his eyes and I melt. It is rare, or has been of late for me to mix sex and play due to nature of people I play with. But it is a very interesting journey for the pair of us. I'm quite enjoying it.

I am going to push him into places he has never been. I am going to be sharing with him my own twisted stance on life and love and romance. So far he has embraced everything I have shared with him and has been starving for me to try everything with him.

This weekend is going to be wonderful. I get to see him again tomorrow night. I cannot wait.

He makes me so very happy. I haven't felt like this for a long time.. I'm still very weary.. and that is something I have to overcome. I have had twangs of jealousy. Something which I really didn't expect. I will overcome it. I guess I'm looking for him to fuck up as I have had so much experence of previous partners doing before him.. but he has been as good as his word. He has turned up when he says he will. He has been there for me if I need him. I am finding myself trusting this man. ANd that for me is interesting. Trust. Hmm. he gains a little more everytime I see him.

He holds me in his arms and I actually feel safe. Something I'd not experienced properly for as long as I can remember. I am becoming dare I say it-slightly dependant on him for emotional support... :-O which isn't a bad thing as I'd really only had myself for that. But doesn't it make you weak then to feel like this? To know you need for him to hold you and tell you it really is going to be okay? After years of explaining to yourself the same.

I started this blog with the intention of writing a story but it hasn't really ended that way hahaha. Just feeling a little loved up right now. Must be the sun. I had a lovely walk with B earlier this evening and I think it cleared my thoughts of reent times, enough so that I can see the trees all seperately now :)

I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow I think. Have an hour or so sloggin myself to bits. Well I have to do something I have a race to do in a few weeks' time. I'm actually looking forward to it .... and..... and I've also entered the full marathon next year, just waiting for my acceptance into running for Dr Barnardos..

But for now I should sleep. My patterns have been all over the place and I can feel myself getting incredibly lathargic really :-( - Aint as young and fit as I used to be ;-)

Anyhow, signing out.

Night all. x